A Fig Tree Laser Cut Wedding Invitations by Mr & Mrs

I think I’ve mentioned a zillion times before that I’m a huge fan of stationery, be it for weddings or even the simple kind for good old fashioned letter writing. It is because of this love for stationery that I’m a total stationer groupie – with one of my favorite stationers being Melody from Mr & Mrs. Putting aside the fact that Melody is a complete darling to chat to, I can never help but let out ooohs and aaahs whenever I see one of her creations up on her blog. Every bit of stationery that she designs is gorgeously unique and makes me want to reach out and touch each and every little detail and feel all the textures. If only I could virtually! I would love to receive one of Mr & Mrs’s invitations in the mail! I mean, can you imagine what it would be like to open your mail to find this beautiful Morton Bay Fig Tree inspired laser cut wedding invitation? If it were me, I’d be jumping with joy and probably trip over my feet in doing so.

There’s so much to love about this gorgeous set – the fig tree inspired design, simplicity of white on navy, the scalloped edges, the delicate laser cut leaves and the Aussie cockatoos! Having grown up with a ginormous Fig Tree at school, I have a fondness for these stoic trees and love that they played such a significant part to the couple’s wedding.

Melody tells me, “Collette had a simple request for her custom wedding stationery, and that was to somehow incorporate the magnificent Morton Bay Fig trees that would preside over her’s and her fiancé Michael’s wedding ceremony. With their wedding reception to follow at the iconic Museum of Contemporary Art, the couple wanted to keep a vintage feel for their stationery, a perfect start to designing something that we decided early on would be laser cut.”

“For a design like Collette’s I always start with an initial sketch – this is for both the bride and myself – so I can see that it will work visually, and so that the bride has more than just a description in words of what her design will look like.”

“From the first sketch the idea then grows, I’m adding things here and tweaking things there until I’m happy to show it to the couple again. And usually they are happy! After this it’s paper talk, colour choices and all the small details that make the actual design.”

“After some weeks of emailing to reach this point, I feel like I really know the couples.. we’ve been through a little journey to create something together and hopefully it’s something they can cherish alongside their wedding photos once it’s all said and done!”

As a bride who had so much fun creating something together with her stationer, I can imagine how Colette and Michael must’ve felt when they saw the final product, which is just stunning. It really is something special to be able to go through that creation process with your stationer to come up with something that’s completely unique and personal. I highly recommend it peachies!

Thank you so much Melody for sharing Colette’s beautiful wedding invitations with me! I cannot wait to see more of your gorgeous creations!

If you’d like to learn more about the process that Mr & Mrs goes through when it comes to designing your invitation, see here. To see more of Mr & Mrs’s work, visit their website here.