DIY Projects | Free Downloadable Fonts

I love beautiful handwriting. I love the elegant and graceful lines of perfect penmanship, the curly loose finishes of gorgeous calligraphy and the balance it emanates. My heart tingles when I receive a perfectly handwritten note or card – there’s just something so beautiful about it.

It is unfortunate that we’re not all graced with perfect handwriting but that’s where Fonts for Peas come in. Fonts for peas turns submitted handwriting samples into fonts and provides them to the public to download for free. Their large collection of doodles and varying fonts (in both script and print) can then be installed onto your computer and used with programs like Word or Photoshop. It’s the perfect font resource for those DIY projects you’re thinking of tackling. Maybe those save-the-dates, wedding invitations, wedding programs, thank you cards or even your scrapbooking projects?

Below are some of the ones that tickle my fancy and am now just waiting for the perfect project to use them on. Hope you find a font you can use as well.

  • Great find, San! Thanks for sharing this – I’ve saved it to my Dropmark for future reference. Love the fonts that you chose – very cute indeed!
    Ronnie xo