DIY Napkin Bands by Stelloberry Designs

Hi peachies! Have you been getting down and DIY-ing lately? If you’re cringing at my question now because you’ve been too busy to DIY or are finding it hard to find a quick and simple projects for your big day, fret not as Stephanie of Stelloberry Designs is here today to share her super chic napkin band printables which are just too darn pretty. It’s the perfect super simple DIY that adds the right amount of detail to your table napkins, an item that is often overlooked by couples. All you need is a printer, some scissors, double-sided tape and paper! Easy peasy! Don’t believe me? I’ll leave you with Stephanie to convince you.


I may not be an event planner or stylist, but there’s something about a beautifully styled table that captivates me. I can see how much care has gone into every element on the table, from the glassware and the florals to the crockery and of course the stationery!

If you’d like to dress up your table for your wedding or your next event, try using these napkin bands to add an element of rustic charm. They’re super simple to DIY and are a really unique way of greeting your guests as they take their seats.


  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Glue or double-sided tape
  • Kraft paper (or any other paper that matches your table styling)

Step 1
Download and fill in our free rustic napkin band printable in the areas provided with yours and your partner’s names and the date of your wedding. Then print out the bands onto an A4 sheet of kraft paper and cut out each band with scissors or a craft knife.

Step 2
Lay the band in the centre of your folded napkin, then fold the ends of the band around the napkin so they meet at the back (you’ll need to make sure you fold the napkin so that the ends of the band can overlap).

Step 3
Using glue or double-sided tape, stick the ends of the band together at the back of the napkin where the ends overlap.

And there you have it! A simply stunning place setting for your wedding or next event.

Note: You can put any text you like in the fillable areas, so feel free to get creative with the wording!

See? Easy right? No excuse not to DIY now peachies. Enjoy!

Big thanks to Stephanie for sharing this awesome printable with me! Xx

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