DIY Confetti Pouches and Free Confetti Label Printable by Stelloberry Designs

Hi peachies. Have you thought about what you wanted to use for your recessional toss yet? A few weeks back, we talked about recessional toss and sendoff ideas so today I have the perfect DIY for you! The lovely Stephanie of Stelloberry Designs is here today to show us how to DIY some super cute and colourful confetti pouches and has even created free printable confetti labels for you to use! YAY. Nothing says celebration than some colourful confetti! So without further ado, I leave you in the talented hands of Stephanie.

I simply adore confetti. Who can resist the promise of fun that they bring, not to mention the colour and vibrancy that’s packed into each of those tiny bits of paper!

If you hadn’t already thought about having confetti at your wedding, why not consider handing out little bags of it for your guests to toss as you tie the knot. If that thought’s not tempting enough on it’s own, we’ve created some seals for you to give your confetti bags that added element of playfulness.

What you’ll need:

  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Hole punch
  • A4 labels
  • Coloured paper
  • Small paper bags or resealable cello bags

Step 1

Download our free confetti bag seal printable in Black, Pink, Blue or Caramel onto an A4 sheet of label paper and cut out each seal with scissors or a craft knife.

Step 2

Although you can buy confetti at any paper store or supermarket, why not try making your own so you can customise it to suit your wedding? Simply grab a hole punch and coloured paper that fits with the theme of your big day, then get punching! You could mix it up a bit by using a different craft punches to make different shaped confetti or you could use specialty papers for that added sparkle (think of how adorable metallic heart shaped confetti would look scattered around your wedding venue!).

Step 3

Once your confetti has been punched and your seals have been cut out, pour a little confetti into each of your paper or cello bags, then add one of our seals.

Voila! Very cute and colourful confetti bags ready and waiting for your upcoming celebrations!

Important Note: Before starting this DIY project make sure you check with your venue to see if they allow confetti tossing – some venues no longer permit this due to the cost of cleaning up afterwards.

I love these confetti pouches! Your guests will love opening up these babies and tossing them to celebrate with you! Thank you Stephanie for creating these gorgeous printables and sharing this DIY with me today! Xx