DIY Art With a Bit of Heart by The Soda Stand

Are you ready to get your DIY on this weekend because today I have a special little something that will definitely tickle the craftiness and creativeness in you. Remember those super sweet and refreshing soda stands I mentioned a few weeks back? Well, the lovely Renee from The Soda Stand is here with me today to share her adorable DIY heart art! They’re super sweet and personal and would make for the most beautiful gift to your other half as a reminder of your special day together – not to mention beautiful artwork for your new home together! So without further ado, I’ll leave you in the capable hands of Renee.

After our wedding I really wanted some reminders in our home of our big day – without having a big cheesy canvas print of ourselves on the wall! I had come across a couple of 3D artworks using love hearts that are oh so sweet and I am also currently a bit obsessed with garlands/bunting so I came up with this little DIY artwork to keep myself busy and have a little reminder of our big day in our home.

What you’ll need:

  • Love heart hole punch (mine is a Martha Stewart one which you can get at most good craft stores)
  • A needle and twine
  • Coloured paper
  • Print outs of your vows
  • Sticky tape
  • A box style frame (i.e. a frame where the picture doesn’t sit up against the glass)
  • Sturdy backing card

… and most importantly, creativity with a touch of patience!

To get started, make a few heart cutouts from the plain coloured paper and your printed paper.

Then place them on the backing card to give you an idea of how many you’ll need per row and the sequence of coloured/word hearts you want to achieve.

With your needle and twine, sew through the top of each love heart. I looped the twine at the back of the heart so it didn’t cover too much of the writing on the hearts. Keep repeating so you have enough mini heart garlands to fill your frame.

Once you have enough garlands and you are happy with the spacing of them, lay them out on your backing card and secure each garland with sticky tape. Make sure the sticky tape will be covered once in the frame!

Once you are happy that it is nice and secure re-assemble your frame- and there you have it! A super cute personal artwork to remind you of the vowels you shared with your husband on your wedding day!

As I was making this so many other ideas came to fruition – how about scaling it down and making cute cards to thank your suppliers or wrap gifts for your bridal party in craft paper and decorate with a love heart garland wrapped around the gift? You could even make 100’s of the heart cutouts for confetti at your wedding and then use them after to create your artwork!

Have fun with it! It’s such a simple idea with so many possibilities! I will be on a love heart garland mission for a couple of Soda Stand events coming up!

The Soda Stand

Love this idea Renee! Thank you so much for sharing this awesome DIY with me today! Seeing as my one year wedding anniversary is coming up in one month’s time, I might just get cracking with one of these babies for the hubby!