David and Leo’s Sydney Wedding from Lara Luz Photography

David and Leo’s wedding was a simple one but I love every bit of it. The love that went into it and the love that was celebrated was just so beautiful, that’s all that really mattered. It’s the kind of wedding that reminds you what’s really important and what the day should really be about. Captured beautifully by Lara Luz Photography, this one’s going to put a smile on your faces for a while.

Lara-Luz-photo-DL-01 Lara-Luz-photo-DL-02 Lara-Luz-photo-DL-03 Lara-Luz-photo-DL-04 Lara-Luz-photo-DL-05 Lara-Luz-photo-DL-06 Lara-Luz-photo-DL-07 Lara-Luz-photo-DL-08 Lara-Luz-photo-DL-09 Lara-Luz-photo-DL-010 Lara-Luz-photo-DL-011 Lara-Luz-photo-DL-012 Lara-Luz-photo-DL-013 Lara-Luz-photo-DL-014 Lara-Luz-photo-DL-015 Lara-Luz-photo-DL-016 Lara-Luz-photo-DL-017 Lara-Luz-photo-DL-018 Lara-Luz-photo-DL-019 Lara-Luz-photo-DL-020

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