Claire Pettibone at Elysian Luxe

I’m squealing with excitement and jumping out of my chair this morning peachies because the gorgeousness that is Claire Pettibone has landed in Hong Kong! I’ve been a huge fan of Claire Pettibone’s gowns for some time now and just love how her gowns ooze romance and a kind of free spirit that draws me in like a moth to fire. Her use of soft gentle colours, couture details, European laces in a graceful manner that almost always makes my heart flutter. So, I’m really excited that a range of gowns from Claire Pettibone’s 2013 “An Earthly Paradise” collection and 2014 “Still life” collection are now available at Elysian Luxe, the luxury arm of Elysian Bridal Couture. Now you can do more than just imagine what it feels like to wear one of Claire Pettibone’s gorgeous creations! Here’s a peek at some of the Claire Pettibone bridal gowns you can find at Elysian Bridal Couture.


claire-pettibone-kristene_b-3 claire-pettibone-devotion_b claire-pettibone-beauty_b claire-pettibone-aphrodite claire-pettibone-Minuet_b_lo claire-pettibone-Mariposa_b_getty_lo

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