Cebu Engagement Session by Mark Cantalejo Photography

There is nothing better than a lazy day lounging around under the sun with your loved one. In the hustle and bustle of daily Hong Kong life, it’s nice to take some time out and get away. That’s exactly what Karen and Dan did and you can tell from their super sweet and sunny photos that a destination engagement shoot was a fabulous idea.

These photographs of Karen and Dan’s engagement taken by Mark Cantalejo Photography in Cebu are adorably refreshing. They capture their love in such a sweet way that it’s like taking a breath of much needed fresh air that Hong Kong is forever lacking.

Don’t you just love the pop of colour that Karen’s red dress brings to the lush greenery in these photographs?

The whimsical save-the-date banner tingles the soft spot I have in my heart for DIY elements.

From the Bride-to-Be: “After getting engaged on a beautiful beach in Cebu, we couldn’t think of a better place to tie the knot than Cebu itself. The engagement shoot was done at our wedding venue – the Shangri-La Mactan Resort & Spa in Cebu. We wanted a relaxed shoot in a natural setting with gorgeous lighting, and couldn’t think of a better photographer to have then the locally famous Mark Cantalejo. My make-up artist for the wedding, Jessie Glova, helped me achieve the ‘barely there’ look that I wanted for the engagement shoot, without me even having to ask him. The whole day was a bit rushed, as Danny and I had been running behind schedule (who knew Cebu was that big!) but Jessie and Mark made the experience fantastic and we managed to get the shoot done in just 2 hours. I can’t wait for our wedding in November and for me and Danny to finally start our lives together!”

And to end this gorgeous engagement session, I was given permission by the Groom-to-Be (thanks Dan!) to share the song he wrote for Karen as his proposal. A song written, played and sung just for you – isn’t that the most romantic thing ever? If you think that’s swoon central, just wait till you hear the song and the proposal story from the Groom-to-Be himself.

YouTube Preview Image From the Groom-to-Be: “I looked up and saw a starlit sky and knew that this was it. We sat down, and I tried to light the candles I’d brought as casually as possible. This is where my plan veered from the norm. By now I knew she was suspecting something. The last time I’d lit candles on a holiday was…never. She must have been on to me. Without delay, I pulled out my secret weapon; the decoy and the sweetener. I told her that I’d been planning on giving this to her for a while, but it hadn’t been ready, hadn’t been released until recently… and with that, I handed her the latest Harry Potter DVD [Karen and Dan are major Harry Potter fans]. I let her sit with the confusion, amusement, disappointment and excitement (of watching the DVD later) for a minute or two, before I set to popping the question. I told her about the other gift that had taken some time to get ready, and with that, I grabbed my iPhone, offered her the headphones and played the song I’d written, sung and prerecorded. With one of my arms around her as she listened to the song, I used the other to “subtly” try and rummage around in my bag for the box, making a lot of noise in the process as I sought to extract it from its plastic bag. Towards the end of the song I stopped to look at her – she was crying! As the proposal song neared the ending, I could hear my voice come through the headphones. I got down on one knee as the final words of the song asked “Will you marry me?” and dazzled, stunned, almost blinded her with the ring. With tears in her eyes, I got the answer I wanted! In the excitement, I got the wrong hand, then the wrong finger, but finally everything fell into perfect place.”

Aren’t you just in love with this divinely romantic duo? Thank you Karen and Dan for sharing your so very special tear jerker of an engagement with me.

  • Bim Bim

    lovely photos! xxx