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Wedding Signage Inspiration

27 March 2014
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I love wedding signs. I get giddy every time I come across one. Whether they’re handmade, hand-painted, witty, cute, colourful, framed, chalkboards, I love how creative some couples can get with their wedding signage. From love story timelines to menu descriptions to sending wedding directions to welcoming guests to providing your wedding day hash tag, […]

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Guest Post | A Letter to the Bridesmaids from Robyn Pattison

24 March 2014
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After sharing her lovely letter to the groomsmen, Robyn Pattison is back again with a guest post on another lovely letter to the bridesmaids full of tips for the girls at the wedding ceremony! Hello Bridesmaids, Your dresses are gorgeous. You look beautiful!  So put your heads up and smile, as you come down the […]

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Balloon Wedding Inspiration

9 January 2014
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I’m a big fan of wedding balloons. I mean, what’s not to love about balloons when they’re so celebratory in nature?! They’re always a fun choice for couples wanting to add something unique and playful to their wedding day. They can be super chic, whimsical, romantic and are a simple yet stylish way to fill […]

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10 Creative Wedding Backdrops (Part II)

17 October 2013
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A while back I shared a few of my favourite wedding ceremony backdrops and today I have a few more backdrop ideas to share that I’ve fallen in love with since. Whether you’re looking for a backdrop for your wedding ceremony, reception, photo booth or even dessert table, these would be the perfect bit of […]

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