Introducing the Simply Peachy Vendor Directory

1 October 2013
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Change has been a recurring theme in my life these days. A little baby peachy is on the way, the seasons have changed and the weather is finally cooler – all of which have inspired me to kick my butt into gear and make some changes to Simply Peachy as well! I’ve been cooking up […]

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Bindle Bespoke Gifts

30 September 2013
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Have you been racking your brain for lovely gift ideas for your bridal party or someone special? If so, you must check out Bindle and their wonderful collection of eco-friendly and exclusively Australian-made gift boxes. Born out of founder Catherine Blackford’s frustration (which I also often share) for finding inspiring gifts for friends and family, […]

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Hitched Magazine

29 July 2013
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As you already know, I’m a magazine hoarder. I love magazines, particularly those of the design and wedding kind and love checking out any new creative magazines that come onto the scene – my latest love being the non-bridal, bridal and lifestyle magazine Hitched. From the moment I laid my eyes on the beautiful illustrated […]

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Colourful Wedding Socks

25 February 2013
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It’s no secret that I have a thing for dapper looking grooms and groomsmen. You might even remember my love for quirky suspender and bowtie wearing men? Well, now you can add colourful and patterned socks to my list of crush worthy groomsmen attire because I’m totally smitten with the look. Brides spend so much […]

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