Caricature Wedding Save the Dates

Have you ever had gotten a cute caricature drawing of yourself? You know those cute and funny distorted images of yourself, famously featuring an out-of-proportion head? I have! My first caricature experience was when I was 9 years old on vacation in Hawaii with my family and I got one of me wearing a hula skirt. To this day, that drawing sits on the shelf in my bedroom back home in Sydney and always puts a smile on my face when I see it. Whilst these funny drawings of people with unusually big heads are anything but the usual definition of elegant and sophisticated, it still has that timeless feel to it. Perhaps it’s because, like cartoons, caricature drawings can be viewed at anytime without it being too dated. They make me laugh nonetheless, so it came as no surprise that I had a huge smile on my face when I received some good old snail mail and opened it to find a friend’s save the date caricature magnet. What better way to capture those important moments in your life than with a caricature drawing! It’s a wonderful way to inject some personality into your wedding and shows that soon-to-be married couples still have a sense of humour. Love it! Your guests will no doubt be itching to RSVP ‘yes’ because they’ll know it’s going to be a blast of a wedding filled with fun and laughter!

Aren’t these caricature save the dates by Devin Hunt via Etsy super cute and fun? I think they’re just delightful!

Have a lovely weekend giggling over this cute idea peachies!

  • Devin Hunt

    Thank you so much for featuring my custom illustrated Save the Dates on Simply Peachy! Your kind words are much appreciated!
    All the best,

    • Simply Peachy

      My pleasure Devin! It was so lovely, I just had to share!