Bridesmaid Duties 101

Hi peachies. How was your weekend? A dear friend of mine just asked me to be one of her bridesmaids so I had a pretty exciting one. If you haven’t already realised, I love weddings. *chuckles* Anyway, in honour of my gorgeous bride-to-be darling friend, I’ve decided to make it Bridesmaid Week on Simply Peachy this week. So, pop by this week for inspirations and tips and hints on all things bridesmaids related! Today, I’m talking Bridesmaid Duties – how fitting right?

So you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid for your girlfriend’s wedding, now what? You’re thinking ‘um.. err.. what do I have to do?’. Well, once you’re over the excitement and giddiness (or stress at the thought of a ’27 Dresses’ moment) of being granted such an honour, you better start preparing yourself because being a bridesmaid doesn’t mean you just stand around and look pretty. Bridesmaids are key players in the bridal party and should be ready, willing and able to support, comfort, console and help the bride leading up to and on the big day. Just because the wedding is a year away, it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing for you to do. It’s not all just fun and games girls… there’s so much more to it. Whether it’s your first time being a bridesmaid or 27th, here’s a cheat sheet to make your bridesmaid gig a little peachier.

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(1) Take the initiative

There’s a zillion and one things that a bride needs to do in the months leading up to the wedding, any offer of help will definitely be appreciated. Ask if she’d like you to help shop for bridesmaid dresses or stuff invitations or put together the wedding favours. Even if it’s just something small like seeing if she wants company when picking up fabric or ribbons, I’m sure she’ll like that. Take some initiative. Every little bit helps and if anything, it shows you care. If she says no worries, at least you asked and like with most things, it’s the thought that counts.

(2) Party plan

Whilst traditionally the Maid of Honour organises the bridal shower / hens party / bachelorette party, there’s no reason why you can’t help as well. Help with the planning, invitations, maintaining the RSVP lists – there’s plenty to do to go around. It’ll also be a great way to get to know the other bridesmaids if you don’t already know them.

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(3) Attend bridal events

Try to make sure you’re available to attend any bridal events organised by the bride and groom, particularly rehearsals. With everyone jet setting around the world for weddings these days, it’s obviously understandable if you’re not able to attend but if you know you can’t, make sure the bride is fully aware.

(4) Own it

So it’s a known fact that sometimes bridesmaid dresses aren’t exactly the prettiest or flattering for all. However, no matter how much you deteste your dress, hair or make up, remember it’s not your day. Embrace it. Own it – the dress, the colour, the look – the whole package deal. Just go with it. Be gracious – noone likes a bridesmaid who complains.

(5) Play dress up

Assist the bride in getting into her wedding dress. You’d be surprised how many pairs of hands are needed to lace or button up a wedding gown! Remember it’s her day so it’s important that she has her whole planned outfit together. That means making sure she’s wearing all her jewelry, has her something borrowed, blue, old and new, has the veil on properly, the bustle on her dress is bustled up or let down at the appropriate times, and so on.

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(6) Psuedo receptionist / hostess

You’re wearing a bridesmaid dress – it’s really no secret that you’re on hand to help out. This means guests may approach you with questions – where to put the gifts, where are they sitting, where’s the bathroom – anything. Be ready to act as a psuedo receptionist / hostess and answer any questions or direct the guests as best as possible. The bride and groom have so much going on during the day, the last thing they need is a family friend asking them what table they’re sitting on.

(7) Accompany the bride

Accompany the bride to the bridal room for touch ups and/or outfit changes. Help bustle the train on her dress before entering the reception or before dancing begins, be ready to fix any form of wardrobe malfunction – just go where she goes.

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(8) Put on your dancing shoes

Put on those dancing shoes and hit the dance floor when the music begins. Your job is to help get the party started and keep it going. If you see guests who look like they’re itching to dance but just need a nudge, go nudge them. Every dance floor should be fun so get ready to boogie peachies!

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(9) Resident shrink

No matter how organised the bride is or how well she plans, weddings can get stressful. Something always goes wrong and to save the bride from having a nervous breakdown, just be there for her and provide her with emotional support throughout the planning and on the wedding day. Don’t give her any unecessary stress. You’re there to help make things easier, not to add to her worries.

(10) Just have fun!

Don’t worry how busy the day gets, just enjoy the day! It’s a special day for you and your girlfriend which you’ll remember for years to come so have fun with it. No matter what happens, she will appreciate everything you did for her.

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