Bride La Boheme Bridal Accessories

Hi peachies! Are you racking your brain right now because you feel like your wedding day outfit is a missing something but can’t put your finger on what it is? Maybe it’s a pretty accessory! Well, fret not because I have the stunning accessories from Bride La Boheme to share with you today. Bride La Boheme make the most delicate and beautiful bridal accessories ranging from headbands, bridal caps, veils, bracelets, sashes and more. They’re the perfect sparkly accessory to complete your wedding day ensemble and would also be wonderful gifts for your bridesmaids to add to their outfit for your big day.

The lovely Anya of Bride La Boheme put together this stunning photo shoot to showcase her latest collection. With the help of an extraordinary cast of vendors, including Laura Marii Photography, Bree Fry, Stacey McPherson, Kristen Wells and Kelsey Genna, Anya designed the perfect setting for a photo shoot with a dreamy ethereal vibe that has my jaw dropping – literally.

Accessories: Bride La Boheme / Photography: Laura Marii Photography / Model: Bree Fry / Makeup: Stacey McPherson / Hair: Kristen Wells / Dress: Kelsey Genna.