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It’s no secret that I like to shop online – it seems to come naturally with being an Etsy addict and perhaps my being too lazy to fight off the crazy Hong Kong shoppers at stores. My weak spot? Arm candy, particularly the sweet, colourful and peachy kind that loops daintily around my wrist. In satisfying my craving for some retail therapy recently, I chanced upon a delightful little Canadian brand that sells the prettiest and sweetest wrist candy – Helloberry. Specialising in fashionable and handmade jewelry, Helloberry has a great range of bracelets, necklaces and earrings, all of which have a pop of colour and a bit of shine and sparkle. I just can’t get enough of these babies! With delicious names like ‘seaberry smoothie‘, ‘peach smoothie‘ (YAY) and ‘candy drop‘, I could gobble them right up and seriously, who wouldn’t want to glam it up with one of these beauties? They would make perfect gifts for your bridesmaid besties. If only I had discovered them sooner! I would have totally gotten mini peach smoothies for all my girls! Either way, Helloberries come in so many different colours and styles, you’ll have no trouble finding one that’s suitable for your besties to walk down the aisle with.

See? Don’t these bridesmaids look pretty with their Helloberry bracelets?

Aren’t they the sweetest peachies? You can mix and match the colours and styles, wear them individually, stack them up – big, small, mini – you can have so much fun with them. The only thing you’ll probably need to worry about is being able to decide which one to get! I’ve favourited so many Helloberries and still haven’t been able to decide. All I know for sure is that I’m totally smitten with this peach smoothie and am looking forward to playing around with the colours and stack them up!

What do you think peachies? I hope you love them as much as me because Simply Peachy readers will get 15% off all Helloberry products for one month after the post by entering PEACHY15 at checkout! Offer expires at midnight on 8 December 2012 (PST). Have fun shopping peachies!

To see more of the Helloberry collection, visit their website here.

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