Bridal Bouquet Recipe: Romantic Blush Bouquet

I love trawling Pinterest for beautiful bridal bouquets and I remember when I was planning my wedding, I would get so frustrated at seeing all these gorgeous blooms but not knowing what they were called so that I could search for more bouquets containing those flowers. I mean let’s face it, I’m no flower expert and with all the amazing combination of flowers you find in bouquets these days, it’s pretty darn hard to know exactly what everything is. So I’m thrilled to have teamed up with the lovely Joyce from J.F Floral Couture to break down the recipe of a range of beautiful bouquets, which I hope will help you a little in coming up with your wedding day florals! Kick starting our bouquet recipe series is this gorgeous romantic blush bouquet from my romantic seaside shoot, comprised of White Veronicas, Scabiosa Pods, Sahara Roses, Garden Roses, White Anemones and Hederas!

Photo by Alea Lovely.

You can see more of my pins of beautiful bouquets on my Pinterest board here.

J.F Floral Couture is one of our peachy vendors and you check out more of her work here.

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