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You might have been wondering what’s been happening at Simply Peachy HQ as it’s been a while since I last wrote, but I’m here now and ready to share some exciting news with you.

We’ve recently made some big changes to Simply Peachy that are both exciting and terrifying (for me). It’s been four years since Simply Peachy was born – four years since I started inspiring fun-loving, colour-dreaming bride-to-bes in Hong Kong wanting something a little different, one post at a time. And it’s been awesome. Like awesome. Simply Peachy has come so far since that first cringe-worthy post written in the corner of the living room in my humble Hong Kong apartment. I’ve seen Simply Peachy quickly gain momentum and turn into a powerhouse of all things wedding, capturing the hearts of Hong Kong and the global wedding industry. And even after welcoming my little peach, Annabelle into my life and moving all the way to another part of the world, I haven’t seen any change in support from creatives, our vendors, our couples and our readers.

As Hong Kong’s go-to online resource for unique wedding inspiration and information for vendors and brides alike, I’ve been fortunate enough to have made some amazing friendships with creatives along the way who inspired me to take Simply Peachy further. Fast forward more and Simply Peachy ventured into the wonderful world of styling and became a sought after planning and design business servicing the Asia Pacific region and quickly gained recognition as one of Hong Kong’s top wedding planners. Now based in Sydney, Australia, a lovely little studio is now the home of Simply Peachy HQ, where all the peachy stuff happens.

So, after a lot of soul searching, I’ve decided to follow my heart and change directions. That is, Simply Peachy as an event design and styling business! After the past amazing years of collaborating with inspiring creatives and bringing shoot concepts to life, creating beautiful stress free wedding days for our couples and designing awesome celebrations for our clients, it just makes sense for me to focus wholeheartedly on my passion as an event designer and stylist.

Thank you so much for all the love and support you have given me and Simply Peachy these past four years. We wouldn’t be where we are without all you peachies and whilst we will no longer be just about the inspiration behind beautiful weddings, we hope that we can still be a part of your wedding day journey! Drop me an email and we can chat about it all there!

So here’s to peachy new adventures!

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Merry Christmas!

Hi peachies!

We just wanted to pop in to wish you and your loved ones the merriest of Christmasses! We hope Santa has been good to you and that your bellies are full (or getting full) from deliciously moist turkey and yummy holiday treats.

Make sure you put your work and wedding planning aside and take that much needed and well deserved break peachies. Pick it back up in the new year and dive right into it then. In the meantime, laugh lots with your loved ones and enjoy the beautiful holiday season that is upon us!

In the meantime, if you find yourself itching to look for some wedding inspiration over the holidays, perhaps:


Photo by We Are Origami Photography via Simply Peachy.

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Nicola & Robbie’s Heartwarming Sydney Wedding

If the thought of rain on your wedding day makes you squirm, take note – because Nicola and Robbie did not let the pouring rain get in the way of their big day and it’s all the more beautiful because of that. This adorable couple were hoping for sunshine on their big day when they planned for a lovely outdoor wedding at Manly Wine, but when the rainstorms rolled in, they rolled right with it and brought their wedding, styled by the bride herself indoors, and celebrated their marriage with love and laughter and it’s amazing. They say rain on your wedding day is lucky but no-one tells you it also creates the cosiest and most intimate of atmospheres, perfect for those special nuptials. Fiona and Bobby Photography beautifully captured the day in all its glory and it’s amazing.

Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-01 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-02 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-03Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-04Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-07 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-08

Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-09
Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-010
Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-011
Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-012
Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-013 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-014
Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-015
Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-016
Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-017 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-018 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-019 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-020 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-021 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-022 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-023 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-024 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-025 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-026 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-027 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-028 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-029 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-030
Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-031
Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-032
Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-033 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-034 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-035 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-036 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-037 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-038 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-039 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-040 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-041 Nicola-Robbie's-Heartwarming-Sydney Wedding-042

Bobby from Fiona and Bobby Photography shares, “This day was a great day.  It was also a very wet day. And by wet, we don’t mean a little drizzle here and there. It was the kind of day that wanted to batter the coast in rain and hurl gale force winds as a topping on the cake.  The greatest thing about the day though was how Nicola and Robbie didn’t care about any of that.  With permanent smiles on their faces and giggles that bounced off the walls, they had nothing but a mountain of joy nestled within their hearts, and not one thing was going to make that fizzle out. Even when they had to make the decision to change their outdoor ceremony location and bring it indoors, there was still nothing but happiness between the two of them. The flowers filled the room of Manly Wine with the sweetest scent of pollen and brought an intense vibrancy to not only the room itself, but a little magic beneath the skin of each person in that room that was present to watch these two wonderful souls wed. We loved how they prepared for the day in the same house but on two different levels. If that’s not suspense, I don’t know what is. They kept the element of surprise until the very moment they saw each other for the first time at the ceremony. It made the dodging and secret room jumping throughout the greater part of the day, all the more thrilling. Bring adventure into your day, keep with you a child like curiosity in your heart and laugh at anything and everything. Nicola + Robbie were carefree and filled with a love that each and every person could feel on that day.  Congratulations again you two.  We still laugh at so many moments from your day. The love you two had, not only for one another but for your friends and family is infectious and uplifting.”

Photography: Fiona and Bobby Photography / Venue: Manly Wine / Flowers: Bonfleur Florist / Cake: Baked / Dress: Shopbop / Bridesmaids dresses: Cue / Robbie and Groomsman suits: Jack London / Rings: Chilton’s Antiques / Hair: Oscar Salon Paddington / Make-up: Vic Anderson.


Spring and Summer Dessert Table Inspiration

Got all your holiday plans sorted peachies? Ready for all the yummy treats that the holiday season brings? We are and we thought what better way to head off into the holidays than with a deliciously beautiful Spring and Summer inspired dessert table inspiration shoot! We are firm believers in everyday indulgence after all and this lovely garden inspiration set up definitely raises the (dessert) bar! Styled and photographed by the lovely Marie from lilelements, there’s tonnes to relish from the entire sweet experience here today so we’re going to keep this one shot. You’ll probably find us lounging around dreaming of satisfying our sweet tooth by nibbling on some of those delectable cake pops, cupcakes and mini naked cakes.

spring-summer-wedding-dessert-inspiration-01 spring-summer-wedding-dessert-inspiration-02 spring-summer-wedding-dessert-inspiration-03
spring-summer-wedding-dessert-inspiration-08 spring-summer-wedding-dessert-inspiration-09 spring-summer-wedding-dessert-inspiration-010
spring-summer-wedding-dessert-inspiration-016 spring-summer-wedding-dessert-inspiration-017 spring-summer-wedding-dessert-inspiration-018 spring-summer-wedding-dessert-inspiration-019 spring-summer-wedding-dessert-inspiration-020 spring-summer-wedding-dessert-inspiration-021

Marie from lilelements, “Spring and Summer brings out the amazing willow trees around Sydney. Not many people get to celebrate the beauty of these trees and so I wanted to create an engagement dessert station near the beautiful lake and willow trees as the backdrop. The dessert station has a luxe garden theme, using whites, pastel pinks and greens with a touch of gold. Florabomb Florals did a stunning job in helping create this garden theme using amazing whites and greens in the florals. The amazing baker from Sweetpea Treats & Events has created some interesting desserts! There was a cake pop in a shape of a paddle pop stuck in a mini cupcake and mini naked cakes plus some panna cotta. The cakes had fine details on them which just made it so adorable and so pretty that you just don’t want to eat it and just stare at the beauty. The dress from Asos had a metallic gold matted shine that shimmered in the sun, very simple yet amazing with the whole shoot. Natural makeup and hair created by Miss Julie Makeup was just fantastic in bringing out that summer glow in the model. My Creative Space did an amazing job on the invites and dessert labels, amazing watercolour effects and the texture used with handwritten gold text. I wanted to create a simple shoot with a aww factor that you don’t need to go all out just to make your dessert station or event stand out. They do say that simple is more.”

Stylist & Photographer: lilelements /Desserts: Sweetpea Treats & Events / Florist: Florabomb Botanica / Makeup/Hair: Miss Julie Makeup / Stationary: My Creative Space / Model:  Selina Goodwin / Fashion: Asos.

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