A Balloon Engagement Session by Isa Photography

I couldn’t help but smile when this gorgeous set of engagement photos arrived in my inbox from Isa Photography.  The child inside me is a huge fan of balloons and I just love it when couples use them as props. The words “fun”, “free” and “romantic” spring to mind when I think of the colourful vessel of air floating around, able to be released into the unknown sky at any given moment and this is exactly what Vince and Albert’s balloon-filled engagement session with Isa Photography was – fun, free-spirited and romantical. They even brought along their adorably cute and cuddly pomeranian, ShhB to share in on their sweet love. Aww… cuteness!

From Isa of Isa Photography: “This was definitely the best shooting weather I have experienced in Hong Kong. The light was soft and warm towards sunset and we were blessed with a gentle breeze all the way through the entire session. Everyone, including the pom ShhB, was in a very relaxed mood, which made shooting so much easier. I must thank Vince, Albert and ShhB for their high spirits and just for having a lot of fun in general. Nothing makes me happier than to be able to see that your clients are enjoying the session.

Thank you Isa for sharing these delightful photos!

  • Gorgeous styling and photography. The lighting Isa captured is just wonderful!
    Ronnie xo

  • beautiful pics and beautiful dog!!! love it 😀

  • Hilary Ho

    Amazing photos – how perfect did you capture the lighting!!!!