ARIA Catering

I hope you have your bibs handy peachies because I’m going to have you drooling before you get to the end of this post. I mean you’re probably drooling already after seeing those delish quail eggs! That is what happens when you’re faced with the mouthwatering deliciousness from ARIA Catering. You might even remember the gastronomic delight that was the wedding of Sydney’s Gourmet Forager which had my (and I’m sure your) stomach grumbling even after the first image… and trust me, I know first hand how fabulous the food by ARIA Catering is because I had them at our wedding!

Launched in November 2010 by Matt Moran and Peter Sullivan, ARIA Catering offers unique catering with the freshest of fresh seasonal produce for any event location in and around Sydney and is also the exclusive resident caterer at the Sydney Opera House. Whether you’re having a wedding in the park or a dinner party at home, ARIA is able to cater for your venue and location with their extensive menu.

With their extensive canape selection, I remember the hubby and I finding it extremely difficult to select only four for our guests to munch on at cocktails!

Most amazing of all – their range of food stations! I’m talking oyster bars, mezze stations, charcuterie stations, paella stations, risotto stations, cheese and fruit stations and dessert station! You’d most definitely find me as a permanent fixture in one of those lines.

So if you’re in need of a caterer for your wedding or next event, contact ARIA Catering here to discuss all things delicious.