A Sun-Filled Sydney Engagement Session by Origami Creatives

This beautiful Sydney engagement session had my heart once I laid eyes on the stunning peachy tones created by the gorgeous sunlight that Aussies are so lucky to be blessed with all the time. Not only did the amazing light warm my heart but this sweet as a button couple and their beaming smiles just brightened up my day! Love is truly beautiful, isn’t it? And to top things off, the wonderfully talented Origami Creatives were there to capture all the beauty. See it all here today peachies!

Bride-to-be Anna shares, “Tan and I live close to each other and had crossed paths a number of times but we didn’t get the chance to introduce ourselves to each other. That all changed when Tan mustered all his courage to introduce himself one day and from then we’ve been together for 6 years.”

Groom-to-be shares, Tan shares, “Though the proposal did not go as planned due to the weather it was still a memorable day. I had planned to watch the sunrise with Anna at Jervis Bay and propose with a bright lit background but it was cloudy and the sunrise didn’t really come out properly. So I took her for a walk along the beach instead and when she didn’t expect it, got on my knees and asked her to marry me. Of course she said yes despite my gibberish as I had planned what to say but it wasn’t the clearest but she saw the ring and got the idea.”

“We have travelled to quite a few countries together and we enjoy the many delightful habits such as sharing an variety of different food together, making lame jokes that the other would laugh and comment how lame it was, make fun of each others small intricacies such as saying a word differently, an accent, smell, fear of everything so Carina Brezeanu did an amazing job styling our engagement session to incorporate both our love of travelling and relaxing with a picnic.”

“David and Belle were able to capture us in our most natural and comfortable selves. The fact that we were enjoying ourselves having fun and laughing made us forget we were actually taking photos.”

Photographer: Origami Creatives / Dress: Lisa Ho / Hair: Amy Chan Hair & Makeup Artistry / Styling: Carina Brezeanu Stylist.

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