An Australian Outback Engagement Session from Joshua Kane Photography

Being an Aussie myself, I may be a little bias when I say Australia is a beautiful country. That said, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that the Australian outback makes a breathtakingly gorgeous backdrop to any photo shoot and if not, just take a look at this beautiful engagement shoot overflowing with stunning images captured by Joshua Kane Photography. Who needs props when you can spend a loved up day with your other half in front of such an amazing sun-filled backdrop? And to make this shoot extra special, the bride-to-be, Samara is Joshua’s sister! Who better to have behind the lens sharing such beautiful moments than your own brother. Lots love about today’s shoot, right peachies?

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Joshua of Joshua Kane Photography shares, “The shoot took place on the edge of the Flinders Ranges just outside of Pt Augusta in South Australia. There is a windy road that takes you over hills and down steep valleys. One particular part of the Road is affectionately known by the locals as Tickle Belly Hill (due to the butterflies that you get in you stomach when driving down a really steep section). This is where we pulled over to do the shoot. After walking into the Bush for a few minutes, we came across an old railway, with a huge bridge that resembles something out of an old western film. We carefully made our way up on to the tracks and and took some shots that are somewhat symbolic of a relationship being like a journey or adventure. As we waited for the light to settle, I asked Samara and Russell just to focus on each other, think about their future together, and pretend I wasn’t there. That’s when we got some of the more intimate shots with great expression, as the beautiful backlit sun turned the landscape a soft gold-ish color. The colors that come to life in the Flinders Ranges at Sunset are truly unique, and the couple was dressed perfectly to add some contrasting yet soft color pops to the scene. There is a remarkable silence and stillness about the bush, that makes it such a romantic and intimate place to shoot. No people, no distractions, no worries, just amazing scenery, great vibes and two people in love!”

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