An Adorable Hong Kong Engagement Session by Johnny Productions

Get ready to smile peachies because I have some majorly cute engagement photos by Johnny Productions to share with you today! Sally and Victor are so adorable! Armed with meaningful props, this Aussie duo went all around Hong Kong to find spots that reminded them of sunny Sydney and actually found three! Their love and personalities were captured so perfectly by Johnny Productions – so much so that you can tell that Sally and Victor are meant for each other. With their fun style, Sally and Victor couldn’t get any cuter even if they tried! Their playfulness, beaming smiles and sweet laughter had me smiling non-stop while clicking through their photos!

Sally recounts “we wanted our engagement shoot to capture the fun and romance in our relationship and wanted it to reflect us as a couple. We wanted photos that told our story and give people an insight into our personalities. We are quite playful as a couple so we wanted to include as many whimsical props as we could get our hands on and we loved these mugs which were from my sister!”

We wanted this shoot to be about us having a day out so we were quite adamant about not shooting in the evening or indoors. There are only a handful of places in Hong Kong which are easily accessible and have enough greenery for photographing so those are the places we wanted to go to. Our first stop was Classifieds in Tai Hang because it reminded us of the Sydney style cafes which we were so accustomed to. We loved how the doors opened out to the pavement and the way the wine bottles were shelved on the wall. The place reminded us of the many afternoons we spent chilling out in cafes back home with a coffee (in my case, a cup of tea) in one hand and a book in the other.”

“We both wear glasses at home and home is where we are both the most casual and relaxed so we wanted to capture that side of us.”

I love this little snippet of how they created their save the dates!

“Our second stop was Shek O where we stumbled across a patch of gorgeous grass with lavender coloured flowers and also lines of trees with foliage that formed arches.”

“Our last stop was
Nam Sun Wai. We heard this place was a popular spot and we knew exactly why once we arrived. There were lines and lines of a mixture of different types of trees and we loved the cluster of trees with skinny trunks. With no buildings in sight and a gorgeous pond, it was such a soothing and serene environment.

We hung our old photos at various locations because we wanted to incorporate our history together in the shoot.”

Thank you Sally and Victor for sharing these beautiful photos with me! They truly warmed my heart and put a big smile on my face. Xx

If you liked these photos peachies, check back soon for a look at their wedding photos and their awesome videos! I just can’t get enough of these two!