Alcoholic Cupcakes by Sakura Cupcakes

Every good celebration needs a splash of sweetness and what better than some fluffy cupcakes that have a bit of an alcoholic kick to it? If that sounds good to you, then you’re going to want to look up the lovely Ascia of Sakura Cupcakes in Hong Kong who specialises in making bite-sized mini cupcakes that you can mix and match from her huge range of cupcake and icing flavours, including some alcoholic ones too! I mean who could say no to a lemon Limoncello cupcake or a chocolate Frangelico cupcake or even a brown sugar and chocolate chip and cookie dough and topped with brown sugar frosting? I definitely would not be able to stay away from a dessert table filled with these delicious treats. The flavours are unique and fresh and are utterly delish – your guests will be chowing down a few of these babies before hitting up the dance floor.

I’m thinking swap those boozy shots for some sweet mini cupcake shots – what do you say peachies? Who needs a shot of straight tequila when you can have it in a delicious cupcake?

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