A Woodland Anniversary Shoot from lilelements

I’m a big believer in celebrating love. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just dating and it’s a one month anniversary or whether you’re married and celebrating your n-th anniversary, anniversaries are something to be and should be celebrated. Whether you celebrate with a fancy date night or a cosy movie night in or a photo shoot, another month or year with your darling deserves some attention and maybe even some bubbly. So when Marie of lilelements shared her sweet berry inspired woodland anniversary shoot, I was pretty giddy. Marie styled and captured the prettiest little picnic in the woods to celebrate her one year anniversary with her boyfriend John and if you scroll down, you’ll see that it was berry sweet! I don’t know about you but Marie has totally inspired me to put a little bit more effort into my next anniversary celebration with the hubby!

woodland-anniversary-marie-phu-01 woodland-anniversary-marie-phu-02

Marie shares, “John is my best friend, my partner and is just always there for me. He understands me the most and just knows how to put a smile to my face. This is a very special photoshoot of mine, I had the pleasure of styling up my own 1 year anniversary for John. I met  John ages ago through a friend but at that time he was with his former lover and so was I so we didn’t chat much. It wasn’t intil two years ago we were both single and happened to travel overseas to Thailand around the same time that we then started to have some lunches and dinners together before our trip. We had so many laughs and long conversations but we only saw each other as friends. It was then during Thailand, our friends got together and we started to hang out after our trip and noticed there was a spark.”

woodland-anniversary-marie-phu-03 woodland-anniversary-marie-phu-04 woodland-anniversary-marie-phu-05

“As I have always been styling up clients’ engagement shoots, it was time for me to create my own! It was tricky to be the photographer of my own shoot but thank god for tripods. The theme berries came into the shoot as I love fruits and berries and they gave a nice touch of the whimsical woodland theme by adding some colour and wildness.”

woodland-anniversary-marie-phu-06 woodland-anniversary-marie-phu-07 woodland-anniversary-marie-phu-08

“I have always loved the woodland theme and have always wanted to create a styled shoot out of it. John on the other hand doesn’t like nature too much as he gets hay fever but he put up with his allergies to make me happy. He was thrilled to see me smile and giggle the whole time setting up. He even helped set up some parts of the shoot (with some instructions from me of course).”

woodland-anniversary-marie-phu-09 woodland-anniversary-marie-phu-010 woodland-anniversary-marie-phu-011 woodland-anniversary-marie-phu-012

“I was pretty sad on the weekend as it was a rainy day on Saturday and I was hoping it would clear on Sunday. The day of the shoot, it was sprinkling lightly which was lucky and even some sun came out to play for a second. Though we didn’t stay too long as the rain caught up to us finally so it was time to pack up but I was still glad I got a few shots. If only John was also a pro photographer – it took him a while to get the shots I wanted and then I gave up and took the camera into my own hands to shoot away.”

woodland-anniversary-marie-phu-014 woodland-anniversary-marie-phu-015 woodland-anniversary-marie-phu-016 woodland-anniversary-marie-phu-017 woodland-anniversary-marie-phu-018

I love this last selfie!

Props & Styling: lilelements / Florals: lilelements / Desserts: Marie Phu / Graphic Design: Marie Phu – lilelements.

lilelements is one of our peachy vendors and you can check out more of her work here.