A Vintage Travel Inspired DIY Wedding by Young Hearts Photography

When I saw this wedding for the first time, I thought it was utterly beautiful. It’s one of those weddings that is infused with so many thoughtful and gorgeous details, many of which were put together by the bride herself, that it just had me. The gowns couldn’t be prettier, the colours couldn’t be more delightful and all the travel-inspired details couldn’t be more perfect. Young Hearts Photography captured this one perfectly!

Bride Jen shares, “Luke and I met at a party in Zhuhai China. We you kind of set up. We had a mutual friend nagging us to go to this party to meet the other and neither of us wanted to go nor were we interested in meeting someone at that time.

“Luke surprised me with a romantic weekend away in Hong Kong (before we had the thought to move here). It was a weekend where nothing was going right but at the time I had no idea what he had planned… every single thing was a secret so I had no idea that things were kind of going wrong. It really is a long and very funny story but too long to type here or share with your readers. Anyway, he proposed to me on the Peak roof top. However, when he got down on one knee I had thought he had dropped something or was tying his shoe so didn’t take notice and a mainland tourist saw the opportunity to get a better view and pushed herself in between us! I missed the whole thing.. it wasn’t until I heard some foreigners clapping and applauding and looking at me that I realised what was going on… they didn’t miss my proposal!”

“I was like any other girl always dreaming and imagining my wedding but not a single thought had ever gone into my wedding gown. My mom had really been looking forward to it. Once I started thinking about it I knew what I didn’t want, but I didn’t know what I did want. It took two trips to Canada and a few road trips into the USA and endless hours trying on tons of dresses until I found it. But for me it wasn’t one of those teary “OMG this is it” moments unfortunately. I was to busy dreaming about the décor! My dress was beautiful though – handmade lace with caplet sleeves, very vintage inspired to go with our wedding.”

“Our wedding was vintage travel with an Asian flair. We wanted to have Asian things introduced in a subtle way. Neither of us are Asian so we didn’t want to have a full on Asian wedding. Our goal was to bring in our favourite things about the many Asian cultures we love to our family who haven’t travelled over to experience them their selves.”

“We are huge DIY’ers so our wedding was almost completely DIY!  I am a huge crafter, in fact that is my career! I own a scrapbooking and crafting shop, teach scrap booking and am a craft blogger. Luke is an industrial designer we love making furniture and fun projects for our house so it was super important for our wedding to have a huge DIY element and look to it. Nearly everything at our wedding was DIY right down to the cocktail napkins that were hand stamped by me. We spent many hours stamping invites, crafting programs, garlands, hot glue gunning and sewing. All our burlap table runners, dinner napkins, cake bunting even the groomsmen’s ties and the sign bearer’s bow tie were sewn by Luke!”

“My bouquet was a simple one of garden roses in peach tones. I used old lace to wrap all the bouquet handles. Mine in particular had a locket hanging on it that had a photo of my Grandpa and Uncle who had passed and couldn’t be there. That made mine very special.  The rest of the wedding flowers were random sprigs of peach, ivory and pink roses and others placed in all kinds of vintage mason jars and glasses that I had decorated with old lace and burlap.”

“There were so many details on the day that I loved. I loved them all. I loved the subtle touch of Asia we brought in. We had a signature drink called the “Rose-tea-ni” made with Chinese rose tea and we hired a Chinese musician to play beautiful traditional Chinese music during cocktails. Instead of tapping glasses for a kiss people had to ring a Tibetan prayer bell and of course the lanterns above the dance floor were gorgeous. Something very special was our guest book. We set up a photo booth that printed photos instantly which was so much fun but the best part was the scrap booking table! Our guests scrap booked their photos right into an album for us with lots of fun stickers. I love it! It really allowed our guests to let loose and leave fun playful messages to us instead of the standard boring best wishes that you get a in traditional guest books.”

“Peach was my parents wedding colour in their wedding in the late 70’s so I thought it was fun to have peach as one of our colours. Instead of going with just one colour we took variations on tones of different colours. My colour pallet was an old vintage globe with the peaches, turquoises, soft yellows and pinks.  My flowers were peach tones and the girls missed match dresses were all bright peach.

“For dessert we had my favourite homemade desserts! My mom and grandma made lots of my favourite desserts and they were all displayed on a fun vintage styled dessert table along with vintage candy and four wedding cakes! Yes four! We had four wedding cakes of different sizes and the icing textures were different! I loved them!”

÷My advice to couples would be to not be afraid to take it slow if you need to and don’t be afraid to hire help where you need it. Luke and I were engaged for nearly 5 years before we got married. I didn’t want to have to say no to something I really wanted because of not having a big enough budget I was so into the idea of DIY and with planning it from here and the added travel I was overwhelmed with how to make it work and get it done. We set a date I think about 3 times and cancelled all of them. It wasn’t until I decided to pay for a wedding planner to be my eyes, ears and person in Canada that things really took off. She was wonderful! I still DIY’ed mostly everything but she helped me do the not fun bits of organizing, making calls, endless emails ect. She was a life saver! Looking back now I am so glad that I didn’t just force myself through and try to just get the wedding planned when we first set a date. I know that wedding would not have been how I wanted it to be.

Photographer: Young Hearts / Videographer: Natasha Wielink & Mike Enns / Stationery: DIY / Ceremony & Reception Venue | Bellamere Wineries / Cake: Cake Box / Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Shenzhen tailor / Planner: The Little White Dress / Favours: DIY.