A Vintage Picnic Engagement Session by Picture & Hearts Photography

I am totally smitten with this vintage picnic engagement session by Picture & Hearts Photography. It doesn’t get more sweet and adorable than a vintage picnic for two lovebirds complete with a pretty bicycle, colourful balloons and delicious cupcakes. Plus I’m loving the Bride-to-be’s cute dress and the Groom-to-be’s dapper ensemble. Picnics are such a simple and pretty way to spruce up an engagement session and with such a comfy set up to lounge around in under the pretty afternoon sun, who wouldn’t love it?

From Bride-to-Be Anna, “Thomas and I met at University. I was late to my first class in my new course and walking into the lecture theatre late drew attention. Thomas says I sat in front of him in the first class and I caught his eye (I don’t remember this at all!).

“We have constant debates over which kiss was considered the ‘first’. I think it was when I had to run off to a group assignment meeting on upper campus and he walked me up the stairs that lead there. As I was saying bye I leaned in and gave him a quick peck to say bye and ran off quickly and slightly embarrassed. He however, claims it was when he took me to the train station after uni where he waited with me for my train to come.”

“We had been traveling for about 2 weeks when we returned to Hong Kong. That day he told me we would go to a theme park and then camping. I was hesitant as I had never been camping before and because I’m a total city girl. So that day dressed in my trusty but old boots, jeans and an old jumper we went to Ocean Park for a day of fun in the sun, after which he took me to a lovely restaurant for a quick dinner. As I thought we were going camping, it was a bit puzzling and I wondered when we would make our way out into the wilderness. He assured me that after a quick drink at a nice bar we would be on our way. He took me into the Intercontinental hotel and lead me upstairs (where he told me the bar was), but instead of a bar he took me to a beautiful room overlooking the Hong Kong skyline. The night was clear and the view was beautiful and so mesmerising. He quickly directed me to a seat and before I could say anything, he had kneeled down and popped the question. I was stunned. After 30s of pause (according to him it felt like 10 minutes) I said yes. He asked me what I was thinking about in that pause and I replied, my monologue in my head was wailing ‘I’m not in the right shoes or clothes for this moment’. He laughed at me and we went out for some ice cream after that.”

“I’ve always loved things with a bit history or story. It all seemed so much more romantic back then when you couldn’t call, text, leave a message, Facebook, whatsapp each other anytime anywhere so I definitely wanted to channel that into our engagement photos. I love sweets (anything and everything) and being a doctor to be in a few months time, Thomas had made it his lifelong mission to thwart my sweet tooth or as he likes to call it ‘diabetes’. He is constantly pulling me away from ice cream stands, lolly shops, dessert cafes so I wanted to bring something that is so day-to-day for us to the shoot.


“My favourite detail of the day was the bike and balloons. They remind me of cycling through a beautiful city in Europe with some fresh pastries and the balloons were just so sweet.”

Photography: Picture & Hearts Photography / Prop Stylist: Lovely Little Things / Makeup and Hair: Sophie Lau.

  • Thank you Sandra for such a pretty story! Anna loved it so much!!