A University Sweethearts Engagement Session by Paper Cranes Production

If there ever was an engagement session to completely warm your heart in every way possible, peachies, this is it. I cannot begin to tell you how I love it when a couple tells me they met at university. The thought of university sweethearts and the lasting love that they’ve shared over the years makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Truth be told, I always get a little jealous as well, because I’ve always thought how great it would’ve been had the hubby and I met during university – how peachy it would’ve been if we’d caught each other’s eye during class and just fell in love, and how fun it would’ve been if we could’ve gone to class together hand-in-hand or spent the afternoon under the sun in the quad together – how special it would’ve been had we gone through that stage of our lives together.

So, if you have ever fallen head over heels for someone or have crushed on someone during your university days, you’re going to love Burhan and Samantha’s engagement session. Remember that moment when you catch the eye of a cute guy in class and how you felt when he smiled back – all those butterflies in your stomach? Well, that’s how I felt when these beautiful photos from Paper Cranes Production landed in my mailbox. I’ve said time and time again that no-one tells stories the way Paper Cranes Production’s videos do and this engagement session shows that their photographs do too! Even their photo slideshow had me holding back tears! So, reminisce about your university days with this lovely duo’s sweet story as told by the amazing Paper Cranes Production.

From Ferry of Paper Cranes Production… “Burhan and I are good old friends. We’ve known each other for more than 10 years. We worked together, we hung out together and we even lived together in the same house! I’m incredibly happy for him, a man with a few words, a super hard worker, has finally found Samantha, the love of his life, the one person whom he can give his trust to. It was such a privilege to know how their sweet journey began and to be able to capture on film was an incredible blessing.”

Thank you Paper Cranes for sharing this beautiful story with me today! Cannot wait to see how you tell their wedding day story! Xx

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