A Home Sweet Home Sydney Engagement Session by Anna Zhu Photography & Film

I am totally crushing on this super adorable and oh-so stylish couple and their too-sweet-for-words engagement session by Anna Zhu Photography & Film. You know I’m all about celebrating love in the most natural of fashions so these gorgeous photos of Christina and Derrick just hanging out in their brand new home in Woollahra had me smiling ear to ear today. What better way to capture the start of their new beginnings than in their new home! You can seriously feel the cozy love between these two as they lounge around with a home picnic of tea, cupcakes, donuts and freckles, serenade one another with a guitar, laugh with each other in the warmest of embraces and gaze into each other eyes.

Aren’t they just the cutest duo ever?

From Anna Zhu Photography & Film: “Bonus points must be given for their big effort in styling this shoot – a picnic rug, tea, cupcakes and even a working record player! Aside from being a perfect excuse to enjoy afternoon tea, having great props like these makes a session so much easier. Often, styling goes a long way to determining the mood of a shoot, as well as to capturing the personality of our subjects.”

Thank you Anna for sharing these beautiful photos with me! I absolutely adore these photos and already have their wedding on my mind! Xx