A Sweet Sydney Engagement Session by Paper Cranes Productions

I’m really excited to share today’s sweet Sydney engagement session with you today. The lovely bride-to-be, Gigi was one of the first people I met in university so many years ago in Japanese class, so seeing her loved up sunny smiles with her hubby-to-be, Simon on this peachy space of mine just makes me grin from ear to ear. I also love how playful this session is! Whoever said you can’t be a little bit silly in your engagement sessions is seriously mistaken, don’t you think? And with the amazingly talented Paper Cranes Productions behind the scenes to capture all the silliness in its glory? Why wouldn’t you have a beaming smile when looking at these photos?!

Gigi shares, “Simon and I met at a friend’s gathering in Hong Kong. We fell in love in October, but due to work reasons, Simon had to leave Hong Kong for work. It wasn’t until 7 weeks later when he joined me in Sydney that we finally started going out. This is also the reason why we had our engagement photos taken in Sydney.”

Simon shares, “I worked with all my friends to find the best time to propose to Gigi and decided that I would propose after a friend’s wedding in Malaysia. We went on a group resort trip to the Lankayan Island after the wedding. My boys helped me out by setting up candles inside our villa while I got the girls to take Gigi out to watch the hatching turtles. I later brought her back to our room and proposed.”

“The proposal to me was a bit of a gamble as you just don’t know if you will be turned down. So, I just did it the way I believed was the most appropriate way to make her feel important. I knew I would be proposing after dark so I had to ‘illuminate’ my diamond ring just in case she said no! So, I bought a very special ring case for her ring – it had a LED spotlight in it. I thought that this small touch would bring a bit of fun and excitement to the special occasion.”

Gigi shares, “The little LED light was very helpful because by the time he proposed it was already sunset and pretty dark inside the villa even with lit candles. I burst out laughing when I saw that ring case.”

“We incorporated some funny little props to make the shoot more interesting – we bought them from a few old toy shops in Wanchai.”

Photography: Paper Cranes Productions / Hair and Make Up: Amy Chan Hair and Make Up Artistry.

Paper Cranes Productions is one of our peachy vendors so be sure to check out more of their work here and their profile here.

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