A Sweet Sydney Engagement by I Love Wednesdays

I’ve come to realise why I love engagement sessions so much. It’s because it’s about the love. There’s no fuss, no family politics, no stresses, the details don’t matter – it’s just about the couple, their love and their connection. Every shot is solely focused on the two lovebirds and it’s that simpleness that makes this engagement session from I Love Wednesdays so beautiful. Pure and simple.

Bride-to-be, Siewlee shares, “Tommy and I met at a rock concert. I can’t remember the name of the band, but they weren’t very good at all. In the midst of throwing eggs at the band out of frustration, our eyes met. He was wearing a blue mohawk and I was going through a “more is more” phase. He walked over, introduced himself and we have been together since.”

“Of course that did not happen. I wish it did because we would have a more interesting story to tell now. But the reality is our story is the usual boy met girl at uni, boy made the first move, and boy and girl got together. In the past 13 years, we have moved cities and countries, graduated, got the sweetest dog, gone through various bad hairstyles, travelled around the world, expanded our waistlines, and transitioned into adulthood together (an ongoing process).”

“The times have been mostly good, but the not-so-good times have taught us so much more about ourselves and to always cherish each other.

“We just love how Len captured us on one fine day in Sydney, despite our obvious lack of photogenic ability. One of our most favourite shots is the one of us in a green surrounding. Taken at what seemed to be an ordinary spot, the incredibly talented Len effortlessly transformed it into the most perfect moment for a hug and kiss. Thank you very much, Len. We will treasure our pictures forever.

Photos by I Love Wednesdays.

Thank you Len for sharing this sweet engagement session with me. Congratulations Siewlee and Tommy! Xx

  • The couple did a wonderful job of blending everything to create something wonderful and uniquely theirs. Great job!