A Sai Kung Engagement Session from Lightjar Photography

I’ve seen my fair share of engagement sessions and when the love is almost palpable, the smiles are huge and the couples aren’t afraid to be silly, it just never gets old. I mean, what’s not to adore? Lightjar Photography shot these two super sweet and stylish lovebirds on an island just a short ferry ride from Sai Kung where the greenery and colours run a plenty as do all the pretty images. I’m particularly smitten with those blue doors!

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From Karin of Lightjar Photography, “This special couple met in Hong Kong a few years ago through friends of a friend. Just over a year ago they reconnected, and the rest is history! Though Gary and Kirsti come from opposite sides of the world, they are similar in so many ways. Both are down-to-earth and easy going, with a fun-loving, creative side and a heart of compassion for people. For their engagement shoot, I wanted to find a location that would best reflect their personalities and give them space to have fun and be themselves. Just a short ferry ride from Sai Kung, one of the islands turned out to be the perfect spot. With a combination of brightly coloured doors, remnants of beautiful buildings and natural greenery, it was the ideal spot to capture Gary and Kirsti, and part of their adventure together”.

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