A Relaxed Yarra Valley Wedding by Georgeous Occasions

You peachies are in for a lovely treat this Wednesday morning. A beautifully relaxed rustic wedding type of treat which is right up there with ice cream in my books! I just love this wedding. Like, LOVE this wedding. I love that the wedding was infused with every last bit of stylish rustic detail. I love that all the bouquets incorporate stunning proteas. I love the rustic cheese table and “wedding” cake. I love how the smiley the bride and groom are with each other. And I LOVE the gorgeous rural Australia setting that forms the backdrop to this wonderful celebration. There’s a whole lot of prettiness to look at thanks to the beautiful styling by the lovely ladies of Georgeous Occasions and amazing photos by Todd Hunter McGaw.

Bride, Gilly shares, “I had not long moved to London from Amsterdam and knew few people. Called one up and said what’s going on. He said, am at pub with few friends, come meet us. I did. It was a sit down dinner in a private dining room for a 30th birthday of a guy I never met before. So we met by me crashing his 30th birthday dinner. Took me four years to say yes to a date though and even then I didn’t realise it was a date!!”

“Birthdays are definitely a theme for us! I had arranged drinks for his 35th with all our friends. It was a big night to say the least. When we woke up the next morning feeling a little bruised and battered he said to me, no one has ever done anything like that for me before, you always give me so much. We’d recently had some tragic news from a friend to which my response had been; there is no point in waiting for the right time for things as you never know what is around the corner and there is no such thing as the right time. He reiterated those sentiments to me then and said, you are absolutely so right. I wanted to ask you this last night in front of everyone, but this feels better. Will you marry me?”

“I found my wedding gown through my friend, Kim Dillon. She recently got married herself and had had a brilliant experience at Amanda Wakeley. I had previously been to a chain wedding store that shall remain unnamed and the assistants were arrogant and rude. It was not a good day. And a bit of a bummer as it is supposed to be fun shopping for wedding dresses. Kim suggested she and I go to Amanda Wakeley. There were probably three or four dresses I could have bought on the spot and I loved the dress I wore. They were excellent.”

We wanted a great view and easy location for our guests as we lived in London UK at the time and chose to get married at home.

“We used predominantly Australian type flowers and greenery. Each bouquet featured a Protea and my bridal bouquet featured a King Protea which was stunning. Lots of eucalyptus and wild roses.”

“My advice for couples planning a wedding would be to look farther afield for a venue. Sutherland for us was the exception in the Yarra. Family owned, small and flexible with times. The benefit of this is being free with the day, with other wineries you are allowed in a time and have to be gone by time – all very process driven. That was absolutely not the case with Sutherland. They were great.”

“My most memorable moment was the silent wow my husband said to me when I stood next to him to get married. And something you can’t touch… the overwhelming sense of support and happiness for our wedding from a friends and family on the day. Makes you feel very loved and cared for.”

“We had the colour peach in the flowers. We had mostly pastel tones and peach is a beautiful wedding colour.”

Photographer: Todd Hunter McGaw / Celebrant: Camilla Hoddle / Venue: Sutherland Estate / Dress Designer: Amanda Wakeley / Shoes: Jimmy Choo / Cake: Farm Gate Cheese / Jewellery: Temple St Clair earrings / Hair & Make up: Living Dolls /  Bridesmaids Dresses: Two Birds Bridesmaid / Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Trevor West / Planner & Stylist: Georgeous Occasions / Music: Rutherford Entertainment / Wedding Website: Wedding Window / Photo booth: In the Booth / Gift registry: Not on the High Street.