A Rainy Venice Engagement by Kayelle Photo

There’s so much to love about today’s couple. I mean, they’re obviously adorable, but it’s their “we’re not going to let the weather rain on our parade” attitude that has me smiling from ear to ear this morning. To be honest, could there be anything more romantic than snuggling up to your other half and sharing an umbrella with them whilst strolling around the beautiful streets of Venice hand in hand? I’d battle the rain for that any day! Judging by the beautiful images captured by KL Photography, I’m pretty sure this loved up duo had an amazing time. It was just smiles and laughter all around!

From Kathy of KL Photography: “I have shot under poor weather before, but as bad as this one in Venice, it was definitely a first. A month before we set off for the shoot, we read on the newspaper that Venice was flooding really badly. We had hoped that the flooding would be gone by the time we left for Venice but unfortunately we weren’t so lucky. It was cold, windy and rainy on the first day and it rained so heavily that we had to finish early and prayed for a better day the next morning. Lucky for us, the sun came out for a couple hours the next day! Still, we didn’t let the rain be a damper on the day and these two lovebirds always had the sweetest smiles on their faces.”

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