A Puppy Love Sydney Photoshoot by Jack Chauvel Photography

There are a few things in life that never fail to make me go “aww” – one being, puppies and dogs – and bonus points if they’re sporting a cute bow tie. So, if you’re a dog lover like myself, you’re going to love today’s sun-filled Sydney love shoot photographed by Jack of Jack Chauvel Photography. I remember when my husband and I were planning our engagement photo session, we had considered bringing his dog Mocha with us, but Mocha’s tendency to run around crazy in a park when left to his own devices, had us reconsidering this when the time came. So when Jack sent me this gorgeous love shoot of Dave and Ally with their delightful furry friend Oscar, I was so excited! Putting aside all the cuteness that Oscar brings to the shoot, I just love Jack’s capture of the amazing Sydney light in Spring which I miss so dearly. The softness of his photos are really just beautiful, almost as beautiful as the love that Dave and Ally clearly have for one another. These will definitely make you smile today.

Don’t you just love Oscar’s bow tie? What a dapper looking little fellow.

From Jack… “I met Dave (and subsequently Ally) through our mutual love of photography. Over the years we became good friends, and I was so excited when I finally got to shoot them together for their love shoot. The portrait shoot (with their cute little dachshund named Oscar) was in the beautiful Centennial Park in Sydney, Australia. Shot in mid September, it captures a lot of the beauty that Spring has to offer in Sydney. We get these lovely warm afternoons with beautiful golden light and this matches up perfectly for portraits, engagements and weddings alike. The shoot was very much focused on them together, as well as get Oscar involved as much as possible (which can be tricky when the little dog is full of energy). I really wanted to emphasize the connection between Dave and Ally, on both digital and in film. I also let them take some photos of each other as it seemed natural to also give Dave the camera since he is a photographer, and Ally a model. All in all it was a fantastic fun afternoon and I cant wait to shoot my next session in Centennial Park!”

Thank you Jack for sharing these gorgeous photos with me today! To see more of Jack’s work, visit his website here.

  • Thanks Jack for some amazing images and you must be so proud to be featured here with such a great set of images :) thanks so much for them

    • Simply Peachy

      Thanks David!