A Unique Vintage Chic Hong Kong Wedding Video by BOZZ Productions

This wedding film is so beautiful on so many levels. Firstly, there’s the couple, Jessi and Sam (who you might remember from their chic vintage picnic engagement or their groomsmen wine tasting party) whose skip-a-heartbeat kind of love for one another is truly heartwarming. Then there’s their wedding – filled to the brim with love, joy, excitement and lovely personal details so perfectly put together by the couple themselves, not to mention the impeccable style of both the bride and groom. I also love that their wedding was held at the art gallery, The Space in Hong Kong which made for the perfect blank canvas for this creative duo to have a field day with when it came to the decor. I think you’ll agree that their photos as hanging artwork were the perfect!

And let’s not forget the amazingly unique video created by Bosco of Bozz Productions, which can I just take a moment to high five Bosco for? I mean it’s just brilliant – there’s the perfect blending of the Chinese festivities and culture with the Western elements of the wedding, the quirky music, the playful glimpses into the day, the capture of all the touching moments and spot on storytelling of the day – everything about this video screams ‘watch me’! I honestly don’t think I’ve seen such an awesome video in Hong Kong before!

Whatever you might be busy with today, take a few minutes to chill out and watch this beautiful video celebrating the union of two lovebirds who are just perfect for one another – you won’t want to miss this.

Many congratulations and huge thanks to Jessi and Sam for sharing your awesome wedding video with us! Xx