A Parisian Inspired Hong Kong Engagement Session by Darren LaBeuf Photography

I’m super excited to share with you this beautiful Parisian inspired engagement session in Hong Kong by Darren LaBeuf Photography today, not only because of the sweetness and raw emotions that pour out from Darren’s images or the fact that the Bride-to-be is none other than Hong Kong’s darling fashionista and stylist Jasmine from Dress Me Blog, but also because of the little bit of handmade goodness by Simply Peachy featured in this gorgeous session. I first met Jasmine after a bit of banter via Twitter when Simply Peachy was only just few months old and we’ve become friends since, so when Darren asked me to put together a little something for their engagement session, I jumped at the opportunity to get creative.

Inspired by their engagement in Paris and Jasmine’s love for edgy fashion, I handcrafted a sweet and simple “Amour” (French for ‘love’) bunting, incorporating romantic and whimsical black lace and added touches of raspberry for a bit of a pop against their love for darker tones. Armed with this little bit of simple decor, they spent the day soaking in each other’s company and looking forward to their future together. It’s clear from the photos that they really didn’t need anything more to make this engagement session perfect.

Jasmine shares, “our engagement session is not fluffy, or flouncy, or romantically white (we’re leaving all that for our big day!), instead it is a realistic depiction of all the subtleties of our love.”

“We chose Darren Lebeuf as our engagement (and wedding) photographer due to his raw and very intimate style of photography. We were after images that captured all the little moments in-between that perfectly formed Facebook pic smile or cheesily planted kiss. We wanted a shoot that wasn’t staged or posed with props, but that was honest in its hugs, its wrinkles and its wardrobe and Darren, with his unique humor and subtle camera clicking helped us achieve just that!”

“Our engagement originally happened in Paris, amongst a picnic of terrine, olives, cheeses, baguettes and of course champagne, after a day spent on push-bikes, riding through Marie Antoinette’s Summer Palace grounds – The Versailles Gardens. An unforgettable day that could never be duplicated, but of course referenced – hence the grey fur vintage jacket I wore (bought in Paris on that trip), the push-bikes and the ‘Amour’ bunting (especially hand-crafted by the charming author of Simply Peachy herself – thank you again Sandra!)”

My pleasure Jasmine!

“The engagement session however, turned out to be a distinctive day in itself which although references our engagement, lent this short lived (and very much loved) relationship status something that is equally memorable.

“Darren our photographer, took us through a series of emotive questions that had us reacting to each other as opposed to him or his camera. He acted as an initiator of thoughts and gestures and enabled my fiance and I to interact naturally despite the scarily professional camera that accompanied us everywhere we went – which we actually soon in to the shoot, began to ignore. We were able to think beyond our wedding (for the first time since we started planning it 1 year ago!), and mull softly over our lives together in years to come. We got to think about our marriage, not just our wedding, and the excitement, love, joys and memories that will be created around that.”

“It was an absolute pleasure to capture our commitment and promise to each other in an uncontrived manner, forming images that depict this early and exciting time of love – our engagement – through the simplicity of our facial expressions, our laughter and hugs.

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