A Kennedy Town Engagement Session from Isa Photography

My favorite engagement sessions are always the ones where I get a snippet of the lovely couple’s story – the ones where the images reflect their real lives – much like today’s engagement session from Isa Photography. These adorable lovebirds brought along Isa Photography to capture them in their dynamic little neighbourhood of Kennedy Town and ended up with images that are stunning and most definitely priceless. Who would’ve thought that there were such hidden gems in good old K-Town?! Beautiful and meaningful – what more could you ask for in an engagement shoot?


Bride-to-be Vanessa shares, “Nick and I aren’t originally from Hong Kong (he’s from London and I’m from Singapore). We both moved to Hong Kong for work purposes, met each other by sheer chance and fell in love. We moved in together 2 years ago and fell in love with our dynamic little neighbourhood called Kennedy Town. We’d like to think it’s a mish-mash of old and new Hong Kong, nature and concrete jungle with picturesque nooks and corners.”

isa-photography-hk-engagement-VN-02 isa-photography-hk-engagement-VN-03

“We wanted the engagement photos to be a cherished memory of our neighbourhood and our lives together in Hong Kong. We wanted it to be clean, simple and prop-free (and as result also stress-free!). The only prop was a small bunch of flowers that Nick bought from our local market (and impressively ordered in Cantonese) and tied together with a ribbon from an old shoebox of mine.”


“One of the locations was a mini barrel barge perched at the far side of the Kennedy Town waterfront. Full credit goes to Nick for sneaking into the area and finding a whole lot of amazing colourful barrels filled with oil meant to supply, of all things, sesame oil to the Chinese restaurants on the island! It’s so unknown that even Google hasn’t located and named it. We changed into what can be described as our weekend gladrags and just had fun swinging around.”

isa-photography-hk-engagement-VN-05 isa-photography-hk-engagement-VN-06 isa-photography-hk-engagement-VN-07 isa-photography-hk-engagement-VN-08 isa-photography-hk-engagement-VN-09 isa-photography-hk-engagement-VN-010

“We went on a lovely nature hike at Pokfulam Country Park – which i will be the first to admit was a tough hour long climb done foolishly in heels, but worth it for the incredible view; a rare sight in this city! We spent out date anniversary picnicking here a year back and was pleased to have it all to ourselves on the day of shoot.”

isa-photography-hk-engagement-VN-011 isa-photography-hk-engagement-VN-012 isa-photography-hk-engagement-VN-013 isa-photography-hk-engagement-VN-014 isa-photography-hk-engagement-VN-015 isa-photography-hk-engagement-VN-016

“Another location was a long wall with roots of an age old tree cascading down it. This is the wall Nick and I face and truly admire while we’re having brunch at the cafes across it so we had to have it in shot. Even if we had to plead with every pedestrian to give us 5 minutes with the wall alone (and we did!).”

isa-photography-hk-engagement-VN-017 isa-photography-hk-engagement-VN-018 isa-photography-hk-engagement-VN-019

Photography: Isa Photography / Hair and Makeup: Cherry Wong  / Gown: Grace Loves Lace / Hair Accessories: Lietofiore.

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