A Fun Filled Autumn Engagement Session by Clarzzique Photography & Video

Here at Simply Peachy, we are huge fans of the engagement session, particularly those where couples incorporate a little something that reflects them and makes their engagement special. Like Andrew and Tina and their board games! Armed with their favourite board games Scrabble, Cluedo, Monopoly and Balderdash, this unbelievably happy duo enjoyed a perfect Autumn Day getting giddy in front of the lens of Clarzzique Photography & Video. Who said you can’t get your silly on at engagement sessions?

“Bride-to-be, Tina shares, “Andrew proposed in April 2011, and the day after we were wandering the streets of Bright in rural NSW and I fell in love with the autumn/fall scene that surrounded us. Having already decided on a wedding date, we had 18 months of planning ahead and I knew for sure that I wanted our engagement shoot to involve the same crisp autumn leaves and colours I had seen the week of the proposal. I guess you could then say that our engagement shoot was like a celebration of our one year engagement-anniversary!”

“Andrew and I are big kids, whose idea of the perfect party involves board games. So when it came to choosing a theme for our engagement shoot, the decision seemed obvious. See how many board game references you can identify! To us it seemed original, fun, but most importantly it captures the playful nature of our relationship.”

“When we brought our autumn/boardgames ideas to our friend/photographer, Clarissa from Clarzzique Photography, she was quick to suggest Mt Wilson as the perfect location. Our engagement shoot planning soon became a plan for a bridal party getaway, which turned out very handy for me as my bridesmaids styled my hair and makeup!”

How cute is it that they dressed up as the Cluedo characters!

“We were blessed with gorgeous sunshine on the day of our photo shoot, but unfortunately had to face gale-force wind and a single digit temperature (kudos to our photographers for still being able to push down their camera shutters with frozen fingers)! We scurried from scene to scene within the park and after many teeth-chattering smiles and shivering cuddles, we were done and were able to escape the cold back into the comfort of electrical heating.”