A DIY Rustic Hong Kong Wedding by Zosia Zacharia Photography

If you, like myself love a DIY wedding, you’re going to love today’s wedding infused with pretty vintage and rustic style. This craftilicious bride together with her friends and family created some beautiful elements for her wedding at the Peak Lookout in Hong Kong – from the the bouquet to the table runners to the darling pom pom decorations around the venue. She even designed her stunning vintage inspired wedding gown! Pops of red also add a little oomph to this simple and sweet affair captured by Zosia Zacharia Photography and I just can’t get enough of it.

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Bride Christine shares, “Scott and I met in Hong Kong in 2006 and we got engaged in December 2012 in Butterfly Valley, Cat Ba Island, Vietnam. As most Hong Kong couples do, we considered having a destination wedding, on some beautiful beach in South East Asia. Thailand was a top runner and Vietnam close behind, but in the end, we decided to stay true to our roots and follow the French tradition of getting married in my hometown: Hong Kong.”

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“At first sight, Hong Kong does not cater to different types of weddings. Having spent a lot of time researching, we found it very difficult to find a location that suited the rustic, more eclectic style of wedding we wanted. Most weddings here take place in hotel ballrooms but we were on the lookout for something more natural, elegant and rustic. We went from one location to the next, without ever finding the perfect place until five months before the actual wedding day, we found the Peak Lookout – a colonial home-style restaurant with the most amazing back garden one could wish for. The Peak Lookout is situated on the top of the Victoria Peak, a mountain Scott and I hike up almost every week with our two dogs. Getting married there made perfect sense to us. It felt like all the puzzle pieces were finally falling into place. Having the large masonry trees blend with the skyline in the background was a such a bonus as well. It was perfect, and most importantly, available on the evening of our wedding.”


“Having decided on the location a little later than expected, we started planning later than most couples would ever want to – being a designer and embroiderer, I had wanted to tailor-make every aspect of the wedding to represents Scott and I. I am French Korean and he is British, so we wanted to make sure we incorporated all of these elements into the decoration and the order of the day. I decided to make all of my bridesmaids dresses, design my own dress and make all of the decorations for the venue myself while Scott handled the catering. We didn’t have much time, but we were very determined and had a lot of very willing friends that we are so thankful for to this day.”


“I decided to get both my dresses tailor-made. I absolutely adore vintage silhouettes and I knew what shape I wanted, so all I had to do was design the details, which is something I love to do. I decided to have a dress made with ElDevere, a bespoke wedding dress company, where I could bead the dress myself and have something that really expressed my style and character. The beading was inspired by the Hong Kong Bauhinia flower and the dress was made out of a gorgeous French silk chiffon, which represents my French side. I also chose a vintage coloured fabric to match my ‘something old’: a pearl bracelet given to me by Scott’s grandmother who had passed at the beginning of the year. I then had a second dress made for the registry, and this one was a knee length delicate gold and white French lace, perfect for showing off the gorgeous Louboutin shoes I had fallen in love with.”

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“We decided to invite our guests to a dim sum brunch after the ceremony that was held in Yé Shanghai. Dim Sum is the traditional Hong Kong breakfast and it was a perfect introduction to the day, especially for our guests that had flown over from all corners of the world. This was followed by a buffet style dinner for our reception as we loved the idea of people walking around and mingling throughout the evening. It was important to us that people feel comfortable during the dinner, so we assigned tables for guests, not seats, and we left a couple empty at each table so that people could walk around freely and chat.”

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“Most wedding planners in Hong Kong have a great portfolio of luxurious weddings, but we really wanted something more rustic and modest, so I decided to create everything for the wedding myself. I designed the invitation cards (also inspired by the Hong Kong Bauhinia) and got my friends together to help me with the rest. This is where Workshop Weddings came into place: we got together for four consecutive weekends in a row and made absolutely everything from scratch. It was magical. My best friend made my bouquet while everyone else made the table runners, the napkins and all the decorations we had at the wedding. We used my father’s old copper pots to put flowers in and my mother’s traditional Korean rice bowls for candy. We had a great laugh and, when everything came together in the end, it was incredibly beautiful and special – more than anything I could have wished for.”

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Photography: Zosia Zacharia Photography / Brides dresses: ELdevere / Bridesmaids dresses: Workshop Weddings / Brides Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Hair and Make Up: Ross RK, Toni & Guy Hairdressing / Grooms suit: The Armoury / Grooms shoes: Dunhill / Rings: Workshop Weddings / Flowers: Workshop Weddings / Venue: The Peak Lookout / Cake: The Peak Lookout / Invitations: Workshop Weddings / Decorations: Workshop Weddings.

Zosia Zacharia is one of our peachy vendors and you can see her profile here and more of her work on her website.