A Desert Engagement Session from Lightedpixels Photography

How lucky is this sweet duo?!?  Not only did they get to spend an entire sun-filled day celebrating their engagement with a photo shoot, but they got to do it in some serious style out in the Arabian desert, where they first met! Doreen is from Hong Kong and Stephen from Singapore but fate had them meet while working as expats in the Arabian desert. It truly shows that you never know when or where you will meet your true love! From the sandy desert to the gorgeous architecture, they found some truly amazing backdrops, all of which were wonderfully captured by Lightedpixels Photography.


Bride-to-be, Doreen shares “Although Stephen and I were from busy cosmopolitan cities of Hong Kong and Singapore respectively, fate had its own ways of letting us meet while working as expatriates in the desert. We met during the summer of 2008 when we attended a dinner gathering in a Thai restaurant organised by a mutual acquaintance. Stephen was the last to arrive because he had lost his way. I remember thinking to myself as he entered the restaurant and sat at a corner of the dining table, ‘Who is this good looking guy?’ Seeing that he was so late and there wasn’t much food left, I passed him a plate of leftover fish to eat and that was when we first exchanged looks. We did not interact much during dinner and it was until when he drove me home that we talked more. We had a pleasant chat in the car and exchanged numbers to keep in touch. We went on a second date shortly after and then more dates…and eventually became a couple.”




“We decided to do a desert engagement shoot because this is where we met, instead of going to European cities known for wedding photography which are nevertheless beautiful but aren’t meaningful to us. It is also a good way to share the surreal desert landscape and architecture with our wedding guests most of whom have never been here before and allow them to take a peak into our lives in the desert.”

Desert-engagement-shoot-05 Desert-engagement-shoot-06 Desert-engagement-shoot-07 Desert-engagement-shoot-08 Desert-engagement-shoot-09 Desert-engagement-shoot-010

“We had great fun during the shoot with our amazingly talented and dedicated photographer, Kelvin even though it involved getting ourselves ready before sunrise and ending the shoot only after sunset. We allowed Kelvin to take the lead during the shoot while we were just being ourselves in places where we spent our days watching sunset, shopping at the souq and road trips to the sand dunes. We were lucky that there were no sandstorms on the day of the shoot and instead were blessed with blue skies and an amazingly beautiful sunset.”

Desert-engagement-shoot-011 Desert-engagement-shoot-012

“It was a challenge to plan the logistics, weather conditions, fashion, props and styling by ourselves for a shoot in the desert but it was all worth it in the end to realise our crazy little dream simply because love happens, even in the desert. The shoot is also beautiful piece of memory that we will bring with us to wherever we may be in the future.”

Desert-engagement-shoot-013 Desert-engagement-shoot-014 Desert-engagement-shoot-015 Desert-engagement-shoot-016 Desert-engagement-shoot-017 Desert-engagement-shoot-018 Desert-engagement-shoot-019 Desert-engagement-shoot-020 Desert-engagement-shoot-021

Location: Arabian desert / Photographer: Kelvin Koh, Lightedpixels Photography / Blue Dress: Jessicacindy / Black Dress: bcbg / Hairpiece: Twigs and Honey.

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