A Colourful Shek O Engagement Session by Heather Photography

“Wow” is what comes to mind when I look at this engagement session by Heather Photography. This loveable couple look just as blissful as their beautiful surroundings and I just can’t take my eyes off each frame. I’m so in love with the colourful architecture that forms the background to this lovely duo’s engagement session. It’s hard to believe that this was taken in Hong Kong! It goes to show that you can never go wrong with a bit of exploring!

Bride-to-be Jasmine shares, “Cedric and I first met during our first year of university. I remember seeing him in one of the lecture halls walking by and thinking this dude has weird hair. Not long after, a mutual friend introduced us to each other and little did I know I was meeting my best friend in my life and would be marrying him!”

“I was going on a trip to Shanghai with a few of my friends, and Cedric told me that he was going to hang out with some friends and was going to China with his mom so he would be out of reach for half the day. So I went sightseeing for the whole day without knowing that he was actually flying over to Shanghai to propose to me. When we got to the one of the sight seeing point, my friends kept telling me that they wanted to go back to the hotel before dinner to go take a rest. My friends were all very persistent that I should go back to the hotel to take a rest with them, and at the time I still didn’t realize anything was up. Fortunately, my friend whom I was going to meet up with ditched me, so I ended up going back to the hotel with my friends. When we got back to the hotel, one of my friends came in and said he wanted to show me something funny on his iPad. In the video, it was all of my good friends, dancing and lip syncing to “I’ll never break your heart” by the Backstreet boys! At the end of the video, Cedric came out of the washroom with a bouquet of roses and proposed!”

“For our engagement shoot, we wanted to take photos that would really show who we are and how much fun we have with each other. I browsed a lot on wedding blogs and Pinterest to get ideas and inspiration. In the end, we talked about wanting something natural, and fun and colourful.”

“My friend Sally and I bought different colors of paper and ribbon and we made the purple and black save the date string together at home. We also found a string of hearts in the decorating section of the store and we cut it into smaller hearts to put into the save the date string and planned to use the rest of the string as one of the props in the engagement.”

Photography: Heather Photography / Florist: Anglo Chinese / Hair and Make Up: Crystal at Poem Photography.