A Bubbly Engagement Session by Isa Photography

Get ready to fall in love with this adorable couple through their super cute and bubbly engagement session by Isa Photography. Armed with cute-as-a-button love and orange and chocolate flavoured soap bubbles (yes, flavoured soap bubbles – OMG), this delightful duo spent the day snuggling and laughing with each other at Inspiration Lake on Lantau Island. It really doesn’t get much cuter than this.

After soaking in these gorgeous images, you’ll be channeling the inner child in you and heading straight to Toys R Us to get your own yummy flavoured soap bubbles too! Hrm… I wonder what other flavours they come in?

From Isa of Isa Photography: Michelle and Andy wanted to do a short outdoor session to match their outdoor wedding so they picked Inspiration Lake because it’s green and grassy. We only spent less than 2 hours there but we had such good luck with light that day that it was enough to get us the images we wanted.  The highlight was probably the orange and chocolate flavoured soap bubbles which really helped them to feel like they were twelve again.  I love it when my clients bring along little props that help them relax and really laugh because those are the moments I’m really after.

Thank you Isa for sharing these darling photos!

  • Janet

    THese are really adorable…….can’t wait to see you two….much love , Russ & Jan