A Breakfast in Bed Engagement Session by Lucy Leonardi Photography

As a serial homebody, I can’t think of anything more perfect to do on a Sunday than lazing around in bed and snuggling up to the hubby before hopping out to whip up some delicious goodness to kick start our day. So seeing this beautiful breakfast-in-bed inspired engagement shoot totally made my day. It’s got a lovey dovey boy and girl, a stack of freshly baked scones, tonnes of laughter and perfect sunny smiles and that I just adore! To top it off, the photos are by Lucy Leonardi Photography and together, it has officially made my Tuesday super sunny!

Groom-to-be Alex shares, “we met in 2006 at a university bar, during a 90s themed party at the beginning of the school year. I saw Bree from across the room, turned to my friend and said “that’s the kind of girl I want to marry”. Before I could stop him, his friend had gotten up and started to chat to Bre, wingman style. A few chocolate spacebars later Bree and I were dancing to MTV.”

“Around 2009 Bre started to tease me by singing a certain Beyoncé song that may have intimated she wanted a wedding ring. That year we went to Colombia to spend Christmas and New Years with my family. I managed to stealthy orchestrate the ring fitting, custom design and even asking Bre’s parents for permission without Bre noticing a thing, so it would be a complete surprise. And it certainly was!! On New Year’s Eve we visited a few family houses drinking and celebrating the coming of the New Year. We ended up at a cousin’s house with my parents, Grandma and some close family. As everyone started stuffing their mouths with the traditional 12 grapes and counting down the new year. I got down on one knee and said “Bre, you know you are the love of my life. English isn’t my first language so it’s hard for me to express just how much you mean to me. I want to be with you forever. Will you marry me?” and I held up a little wooden box with my handcrafted ring in it.”

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