A Balloon Engagement Session by Figtree Pictures Photography

Today we have a super cute engagement session to share with you. You know… the ones that make you go “aww”. I mean, who wouldn’t get all warm and fuzzy at the sight of a pair of high school sweetheart lovebirds toting hot air balloons amongst gorgeous fields and a beautiful sunset? Seriously, this love filled shoot by Figtree Pictures Photography is just the thing to get you off to a good start for the week.

Bride-to-be Brooke shares, “with the proposal, everything just fell into place so perfectly. The night before the proposal I was joking around with Sam saying how he used to surprise me with secret visits, getaways or presents and said “you haven’t done that for ages!”.  The very next morning I was woken by him at 5am he said “Come on, get out of bed we are going to watch the sunrise at Burleigh Headland”. I wasn’t too keen being a very cold and dark winter’s morning so I said “Can’t we go another time, I’m tired” and he replied “You said I don’t surprise you anymore”. Since I couldn’t argue with that, so I threw on my warmest and most daggiest clothes including tracksuit pants, an old jumper, beanie, gloves and my joggers and we headed up to the headland (all the time with me complaining about how cold it would be). Just as the sun rose up over the horizon, Sam said “stand on that rock and I will take a photo of you”. Instead of the camera he pulled out a ring from his pocket and asked me to marry him! I was in complete shock and I think it took a few minutes for me to utter the words “yes”!”

“We wanted fun and light-filled photos that captured our excitement and playfulness. Kristy did such an amazing job at showing this and the photos really represent who we are. There was no uncomfortable posing – it was just us as we are.  Kristy suggested a few options, one of them being a field with pastel coloured balloons. I thought that sounded like fun so we went for it. We also asked to include some photos with our two dogs but they were far too excited and wouldn’t sit still for many photographs!”

“The whole afternoon was pretty crazy and we really thought we were going to run out of light. We raced to the location Kristy had chosen and just as we got there the sun intensified into an amazing afternoon sunset. It was just magic. We couldn’t have gotten any luckier with the weather and the light.”

Photography: Figtree Pictures Photography / Hair and Make Up: Larna Garbett.


  • Lover_ly

    The balloons added such a fun and flirty aspect to the photoshoot! Plus the colors were a perfect selection!