Let’s Wrap It Up!

Happy Friday peachies! How was your week? I had a lovely week putting the final touches to our little peach’s nursery. It’s really coming together now! I think we’ve covered everything for newborn essentials and have bought all that we need so I guess you could say we’re ready? I’m excited about meeting our little lady soon but a little stressed out at the time. So many questions go through my mind on a daily basis – Will I be a good mum? Will I be able to juggle everything? Are we ready? Then I think, who is ever ready for the journey of parenthood right? I don’t think you can ever be truly ready because with kids, everyday is different and everyday is a challenge. All you can do is learn on the job and do the best that you can right? Anyway, I hope so! I’ll probably be pondering all this over the weekend again but what about you? What are you up to this lovely weekend peachies?

Photo by Woodnote Photography via Green Wedding Shoes.

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