Let’s Wrap It Up!

Happy Friday peachies! How was your week? Mine has been rather quiet now that my sister and niece have returned to Sydney. It was so nice having them around the past two weeks, it’s almost been too quiet now that they’re not here! Plus I think the little peach misses her little cousin already. It was so nice having them around and just so so nice to see the two little bubs play with one another, it was a little sad to see them go. Still, I’m so grateful for their visit otherwise I don’t know when the two cousins would’ve met each other! I grew up rather close to my cousins so I’d really like the same for the little peach so their trip was really special. I know she’s too young to remember it so I’m glad I took heaps of photos and videos to show her later when she’s a little older. Such precious memories! With my sister’s family gone, this weekend, the hubby, little peach and I will be spending some quality time at home. I think the little peach has had too much excitement the last few weeks! What about you peachies? What are you doing this weekend? Sipping on some bubbly perhaps? Hope you have a lovely one! Xx


Photo by Mint Love Social Club via Etsy.

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