Let’s Wrap It Up!

Happy Friday peachies! How was your week? My week has been rather busy and I suspect my weeks and months will remain that way now that I’m well into my 18th week of bringing our little baby peachy into the world. On the one hand, the hubby and I have been busy slowly clearing out inch by inch of our shoebox apartment for the little one, and on the other hand, I’ve been busy trying to get Simply Peachy ready in the hope that I can take some kind of maternity leave. Meanwhile, a zillion and one questions have been lurking in the back of my mind like, “what if I can’t get everything done?”, “what if the little one comes early?” or “what if everything falls apart?”. I’m definitely beginning to feel the stress creeping up. I know I shouldn’t be stressing out so much but I’d like to think as a new parent-to-be, it’s only natural.

I probably shouldn’t be pouring out my stresses like this on a happy Friday but I reckon it’s better to be open and honest with you peachies instead of just going along like everything is dandy. I would like to think that I’m not the first blogger-soon-to-be-parent who’s ever felt this way, so at this point, I’m just trying to stay cool, calm and collected and keep things together. I guess things always have a funny way of falling into place. Regardless, I’m thankful for all the support from the hubby, family, friends and all you peachy readers. I’ll try and do my best! In the meantime, if any of you have any tips on the lovely world of juggling work and little ones, I’m all ears!

I’m loving these super cute customised program fans by Fox and Fallow. They’d be perfect for those sunny wedding days!

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 Have a peachy weekend all! Xx