Let’s Wrap It Up!

Happy Friday peachies! Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s week! I’ve had a pretty awesome week in Sydney. The hubby finally arrived in Sydney at last weekend and it’s just been so nice to finally be able to take him to all the tasty places that I’ve come across my last few trips back myself. I love being in Sydney with the hubby because it brings back so many sweet memories of when we first met over 8 years ago. Pity we have to leave this weekend though! Having said that, we’re off to Japan to go snowboarding tomorrow so yippee! This is our first holiday together in a while so I can’t wait. So toodles peachies! I’m off for a week but don’t worry because I’ve got a bunch of awesome guests on the blog next week to keep you all company while I’m gone. Have a fantastic weekend peachies! I know I will! Shoop shoop!

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