Let’s Wrap It Up!

Happy Friday peachies! Did you have a good week? I’ve been researching something rather different this week – costume ideas for Halloween! Being a Halloween baby means playing dress ups is a must, especially in Hong Kong where people go rather crazy come Halloween. Having sat out the Halloween madness last year because we were too busy with our wedding and soaking up the honeymoon sun in the Maldives, this year’s Halloween means business. I’m reverting to my roots with my party’s ‘Childhood Favourites’ theme this year and I must say it’s proving rather difficult. I have so many favourite things from my childhood, I’m finding it super hard pinpointing and deciding on the one thing to dress up as! I have a few ideas in contention though so this weekend I’m planning on focusing on finally settling on the one. What about you peachies? What are you doing this weekend? Halloween costume shopping too perhaps?

Photo by Ian Bicknell Photography via Ruffled.

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Have a peachy weekend! xx

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