DIY Painted Flower Cones by Make and Tell

DIY-ing things for your wedding can be tough. So today I’m going to share something super simple and super gorgeous with you that you can easily DIY peachies. Perhaps one of the easiest DIY wedding details ever! For reals.

The lovely Stephanie from Make and Tell, my new favourite blog about all things DIY joins me today to share how to make your own beautifully painted flower cones! The perfect little bit of detail to add to your wedding day florals or even to use as petal cones. Enjoy peachies!


There are so many things to gawk over at weddings. If it isn’t the gorgeous dresses, it’s the scrumptious cakes or the romantic music or the beautiful table settings. Yep, I guess where weddings are concerned I pretty much love all the things. But I have a soft spot for florals, so if I get the chance to play with bunches of blooms, I’ll most certainly be jumping at that opportunity!

Which is exactly how this project came about. It’s my twist on the traditional flower cone, using my fave method of decorating at the moment – the humble brush stroke. If you also love to play with flowers or you’re after a nice way to dress up your wedding blooms, simply follow along below!


  • Good quality, mid-weight, white A4 paper (around 150-180gsm)
  • Paint (choose your favourite colours or ones that match your wedding decor)
  • A wide, flat paintbrush
  • Double-sided tape
  • Flowers

Step 1

Get your paint out and start painting stripes horizontally across your sheets of paper. You don’t have to paint each stripe all the way across – in fact, it’s better if you stagger the stripes to give your cones a bit of an arty, messy look.

I found it easiest to paint all the stripes of one colour first before washing my brush and starting with the next colour, but each person paints differently, so don’t be afraid to experiment to find a method that suits you best!


Try not to overload your brush too much as you paint – the less paint you have on your brush, the more you’ll see that brush stroke effect.


Step 2

Once your paint has dried, cut the A4 sheet into a square. You can actually do this at the beginning before you start painting, but I didn’t realise squares would work best for making cones until after I’d finished painting. Oops!


Step 3

Flip over your painted piece of paper and place some double-sided tape (or glue if you prefer) along one side.


Step 4

Once your tape is applied, bring two opposite corners of your square sheet together so they meet in the middle, then overlap them slightly until they form a cone shape. Your double-sided tape should be on the side of the paper that’s on top once you’ve made this overlap.

When you’ve got your cone shaped as you’d like it, simply remove the backing from the double-sided tape and press down so your cone stays in shape.

paintedflowercones_folded_blog paintedflowercones_finished_blog

And now we’re at the fun part – filling your cones! Get together an assortment of flowers that match the colours of your painted cones and the rest of your wedding florals. Then simply pop the flowers into the cones and you’re good to go!

One handy tip to remember – make sure the stems of your flowers aren’t too wet when you pop them in the cones. After all the cones are only paper and they’ll get soggy if exposed to too much water.

paintedflowercones_finished2_blog paintedflowercones_finished3_blog

There you go, flower cones that are a little bit arty and full of colour for your big day!

But wait, there’s more - this is one wedding project that your kids (or nieces and nephews) can assist with if you want to give your cones a more personal touch. Have an art day and they can paint patterns onto pieces of paper for you to later make into your flower cones. It’d be very sweet to have your family’s art decorating the walls of your venue or on the pews as you walk down the aisle, don’t you think?

xx Steph

You might also remember Steph from her lovely stationery brand, Stelloberry Designs. Steph is a regular DIY contributor for Simply Peachy and you can see more of her pretty DIYs right here.


An Intimate Hong Kong Beach Wedding from Derek Photography

As a true Aussie at heart, I have a bit of a love affair with the sun and the sand so it comes as no surprise that this intimate and laid back beach soiree from Derek Photography satisfies my inner beach goddess. Plus, with wedding guest numbers usually in the 300+ figures and the ridiculously hot and humid weather, beach weddings in Hong Kong are hard to come by! I’m a wee bit obsessed with the gorgeous King Proteas and the outdoor reception setting featuring a beautiful teepee and comfy campfire – the makings of a perfectly intimate seaside fête.

hong kong elegant blue beach wedding
hk-beach-wedding-derek-photography-NR-03 hk-beach-wedding-derek-photography-NR-04 hk-beach-wedding-derek-photography-NR-05 hk beach wedding
hk beach wedding
hk-beach-wedding-derek-photography-NR-012 hk-beach-wedding-derek-photography-NR-013 hk-beach-wedding-derek-photography-NR-014 hk-beach-wedding-derek-photography-NR-015 hk-beach-wedding-derek-photography-NR-016 hk-beach-wedding-derek-photography-NR-017 hk-beach-wedding-derek-photography-NR-018 hk-beach-wedding-derek-photography-NR-019 hk-beach-wedding-derek-photography-NR-020 hk-beach-wedding-derek-photography-NR-021 hk-beach-wedding-derek-photography-NR-022 hk-beach-wedding-derek-photography-NR-024 hk-beach-wedding-derek-photography-NR-025 hk-beach-wedding-derek-photography-NR-026 hk-beach-wedding-derek-photography-NR-027 hk-beach-wedding-derek-photography-NR-028 hk-beach-wedding-derek-photography-NR-029 hk-beach-wedding-derek-photography-NR-030

YouTube Preview Image

Photography: Derek Ko | Videographer: Derek Ko | Wedding Planner: Bliss Creations | Flowers: SAFE Flowers (Cape Town) | Wedding Dress: Hitched! | After Party: Pier 7 | Ceremony / Dinner Venue: Palm Beach | Groom Suit: Jantzen Tailor | Wedding Rings: De Beers


A Pretty in Pink Spring and Summer Bouquet Recipe from Chanele Rose Flowers

As we start saying our goodbyes to Summer, I thought it’d be nice to dream about those gorgeous Summer and Spring weddings with this beautiful bouquet from the lovely Lina of Chanele Rose Flowers. Consisting of a combination of lush pink Ranunculus, sweet Poppies, elegant ivory David Austen Juliet Roses, refreshing Dusty Millers and fluffy Sims, this bouquet is the epitome of a romantic Spring garden weddings. I’m loving the pretty in pink colour combination with dashes of yellow and crisp greens from the Queen Anne’s Lace and Nandinas thrown in to give this bouquet just the right amount of pop to reflect the sunny side of Spring or Summer.

pretty in pink spring summer bouquet recipe


Photo by Chanele Rose Flowers.